This is so I can remember method & process for dill pickle canning.

Expect this to take about 6 hrs off an on.


50 lbs cukes (2 big bags)
2 bunches dill
52 quart canning jars

Shopping list:
-garlic cloves, whole peeled
-chili peppers dried
-chili pepper flakes
-pickling salt (one box)
-2 cups pickling spice

1. Use dishwasher to clean all jars/rings/lids  While doing this rinse & soak cukes in cool or ice water in the sink. Pick off wilted flower ends.

2. Start first batch of brine:

4 quarts apple cidar vinegar (make sure it is not "flavored")
4 quarts water
2 teaspoons tumeric
1 1/3 cup pickling salt
1/2 cup sugar

3. Bring to boil, reduce & simmer 5 minutes.  While cooling, start stuffing first set of jars.  Each jar gets 2-3 cloves garlic, one chili pepper, and 1/4 teasp chili pepper flakes + 1-3 heads dill. Scoop pickling spice off top of brine (brine should still be warm/hot) and funnel into the jars leaving the neck (1/2 inch) empty.  

4. Put lids & rings on.

5. Get canner ready by filling with cool to medium warm water.   Just not boiling so the jars don't break.  Lay down many rings so that the jars don't touch the bottom of the canner directly. Fit 8 jars into the canner.  Cover & set to boil.  When reaches boiling, let boil 15 min & then remove.  Let cool briefly & then remove jars & leave them still for 24 hrs.  Dump half the water from canner & fill with cold water so that you can safely put in next batch of jars. 


I know why the caged bird sings. Because it wants OUT.

Look. I'm an adventurous gal.

Conquering feats is sorta my specialty.

You have to be pretty brave.  And agile.

I got some work to do on my agility.

But I got the brave thing DOWN.

It all started with needing to know everything.  Like what toys are in the bottom of this bin?

And what is it like to be simultaneously ON a chair and UNDER a desk?

And if your mom's ignoring the fact that you're throwing food (which is how you tell her you are done and her cooking could use some work), and she won't let you out of your high chair, can you just leave on your own? yep. You can.

And if by chance your dad doesn't latch the door all the way, is it possible to incite fear and panic like wildfire through the fragile hearts of your parents by escaping unattended to the front yard? Yes- but this was not very well received.  No hero's welcome for this baby!

And as if the personal growth from these adventures were not reward enough, my parents got me a new toy.

It is the biggest toy in the whole world, and it has LOTS of colors.

And it has lots of....hey wait.  I don't think...

I don't think it has any DOORS!

I think this is a mean TRICK!

They betrayed my trust!





Winter Sunshine





Kick Rocks.

Oh HI! First picture aside, I need you to know this is NOT a feel-good blog.

In fact some audiences (particularly the 2 and under crowd) may find this story of injustice quite disturbing. I know I do.

It all started innocently enough. I mean there I was, just out for a brisk walk under the cloudy Portland skies.  I had my fancy pants on and my dashing yellow slicker.  .

And then, to my delight, I found a delicious looking rock.

I had a little nibble, and I mean to tell you: it was one tasty rock!

And then my mean old mom said in a mean old voice, "NO! You may NOT EAT THAT ROCK."

I was like, "WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?"

"You CANNOT even be serious Mom!"

Then I didn't even have words to convey my overwhelming, nay debilitating, sense of loss and grief.

And I couldn't even bear to look at my mean old mom for depriving me of a rock I found of my own accord.

And that's the end. No fairy tale ending where I'm reunited with my special rock.  Nope.  As I said, a troubling story of injustice.  Sorry if I ruined your day.


Home Movies

Some days I have to clean poo out of the foot of footsie pajamas.  Some days I find fruit smoothie splatter on the ceiling.  Some days I have to put 2 of 3 children to bed 2 or more times.

But joy always wins out.


Mad Scientists

Jo last year:

Baylor this year:


One and Fun.

Ohhh hai.

Guess WHAT!?


And I can hardly contain my excitement, though Jo & Bay are showing exemplary restraint.

Which is sort of the same way they acted when I first met them.

I was a little skeptical myself.

Then I realized how much fun they were.

Until they weren't.

Then I got big enough to defend myself.  But not big enough to grow hair.

Then I got a rabbit for protection.

Then I declared myself the golden child, above reproach.  But still no hair.

Now that I'm one I am officially old enough to be the boss of this house.

And I rule with a (chubby) iron fist. Hee hee.