Good Luck Rock

Last weekend Luke & I went to Lincoln City to see family & try our luck at the casino. Saturday evening we went for a walk along the beach and spotted a giant log, perfect for sitting. We had been sitting for a bit when I looked down the log and can you guess what I saw??!? A little grey rock with drawings....not the of archaelogical sort, but interesting enough that I picked it up for a closer look.
Then I turned the rock over, and low & behold- the little artist's name was LUKE! Luke wasn't quite as impressed with the coincidence, but I toted it along to the casino the next day where I was especially lucky at the blackjack tables. Hm.
...laughing b/c this was about the 42nd picture I made him stand still for...what a patient man


Peaby said...

Yeah, Michelle!!

Nice work. First post is about gambling...this is a cry for help!

Kate said...

Coincidence....? I do not think so! How often do you find a "Luke Rock?" And I do believe the lucky little rock may have had something to do with such a patient husband! Good for you. I hope to find a "Matt Rock" someday. You truely are a lucky girl.

L.E.S. said...

Hey! This rock could be worth money someday! What if that little artist grows up to be a big, well known, well paid, highly in demand type of artist and his distinctive LUK E signature is well... famous? What then? Michelle sells rock and goes gambling (Peaby you may be right)...