Know when to fold 'em....

Public Proclamation: I am quitting online poker. What will I do with all this free time? I am not quitting gambling all together...I will still play blackjack when I go to a casino. Sadly, I lost some $ at the blackjack table last night. my new motto: double or nothing.


Ashley turns 20!!! For my youngest sis's 20th birthday, her boyfriend's family invited us to their man-made lake on their grass farm. Rucker and his cousin Lilly the bulldog had a blast.

don't ask me what sort of face she's making...but it is the same face she makes when talking to her puppy.

Luke, sepia; circa 2007

this one to the left is my parents on the jet ski shortly before they fell off...Mom was not happy about that...

Rucker & Luke on the drive down to Albany.

Ash & Patty

Tired dogs. And really, Lilly did nothing but lay around and eat. Happy Birthday Ash!!!


3 on the 4th

Rucker, our child-substitute, turns 3 today on the Fourth of July! Here he is posing in his birthday suit. Rucker by the pond- he loves to sit here and wait for me to feed the fish. He also enjoys fish food.

Not to be left out, Annie had a few photos shot as well. She YAWNS at dog birthdays.

Fridge Fiasco

Oh what a day. Our new dishwasher was installed, and our fridge delivered!!! Sadly, someone (me) made the grave mistake of mis-measuring the maximum height allowance for a refrigerator in our home. A fridge 67 1/4 tall will NOT (despite pushing, shoving, shimmying, jiggling or pleading) fit into a space 67" tall. The helpful delivery man suggested sanding down the shelf, and that is precisely what my husband is doing below...

oops. We ran out of sandpaper. Now we have a fridge sticking out about 2 feet, and another thing on the to-do list....