brags of the parental sort

My mom & dad are very talented at hobbies they've developed as a response to "empty nest syndrome." My mom does stained glass, and below is her largest piece, measuring about 5 feet tall!!! It took her 8 months to finish, and is hanging in the back stairwell in a frame my dad made. It is gorgeous when the light shines through it! My dad has been wanting a pond for a while, so this spring he started work on a waterfall and pond in their backyard. He dug it in next to the new patio and stairs he set in concrete. The pond has lots of goldfish and koi, all growing very quickly on a gourmet diet of twice daily brine shrimp feedings (!)
On the upper pond is a tree my dad hand pounded out of copper! It is already starting to get a teal color to it as the copper oxidizes. He crafted each leaf individually, and hung some on hooks so they move in the wind! The best part of all is that he used copper piping to plumb the tree to water so that water drizzles out of tiny pipes to make it look like rainwater is falling off the tips of the branches--- it is so beautiful and despite begging and pleading he will NOT give it to me!

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