Bye Bye Kimmee

Kimmee, Luke's 2nd oldest sister, is leaving to train as a missionary in New Zealand!! We miss her already, but know she is doing important work. These are pics from her going-away-bbq.Jack & Patty (that would be my brother and luke's cousin. It sounds incestuous, but after some diligent drafting of family trees and research on Oregon State laws, this is deemed a perfectly legal union.) Christina & Cassandra (our nieces)- deceptively obedient for this photo...

She didn't make the squad :(
Gill & Naomee, Luke's 3rd & 4th sisters! Eating doritos...
Reina (Luke's brother's wife/my sis in law), me, and patty (Luke's cousin/my cousin in law/and if she were to marry her boyfriend (my brother), she'd also be my sis-in-law.) Phew!

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