Crescent Lake 2007!

Luke's family gathers at Crescent Lake every year for a week long camping bonanza. It is a bonanza b/c there are:
1) showers
2)flushing toilets
3)a pavilion with electricity for:
a)coffee makers
b)electric skillets
c)mini fridges

But it is still classified as camping because:
1) i sleep on the ground
2) there are bugs
3) there is a campfire
4) there is a LOT of dirt and dust
5) we lay in the sun all day reading books and getting tan
6) at night the little kids eat smores and we force them to make us smores too!
7) there is no soap provided in the bathroom for handwashing, you have to bring your own

Uncle David's boat- the source of endless water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding fun!


Grandpa Dick (luke's dad) and Cassandra

Jack & Patty: Kissing Cousins (see post below for family tree explanation)

Me, Patty & Jack
Me & Rucker-roo, who camped longer than his dad did!
Chris, Luke's brother
Tethered dog entertained by children with sticks

Tired dog, too much entertainment.
Luke & his second cousin, Taylor! This is the only pic of luke b/c he only camped for 12 hours. Lame camper!
Patty, me & Reina - sunbathing beauties
Tent set up: patty is drinking, richard is dancing. Sara & Chris are trying to get the poles in right....
....and Christina is helping Jack hammer in the stakes. She is wearing her preference of camping attire: baby ugg boots, a pink T, and a denim skirt. Naturally.


Seth & Ashley Pietsch said...

Hey there!!!! Hope you had fun!!!! We need to get together soon!

Peaby said...

nice work...no blogs for weeks...then 20 in one day. Impressive. welcome back from the sticks.

only 12 hours for Luke, huh? What happened after that?

Kelee dee and Anthonee said...

Nice blogging!! I'VE BEEN SLACKING! Actually nothing exciting has been happening to me; I know hard to believe. I think it has to do with you moving away from me at work...