Well-Meaning Husband Kills Household Appliance

Our washing machine died. And here's how...
I would like to share a little story about how my husband and I divide household chores: I do them. That is how it is divided. Ok, well that is not quite true- in fact, I was kind of just saying that for shock value. But here is the truth:

Before we got married, we had to go through pre-marital counseling with our pastor. One session was about our expectations on chores and child rearing & stuff like that. I checked the boxes in the workbook for laundry, cooking, & cleaning as my responsibility. I LIED. It was a FALSE CONTRACT. I did not really mean that I expected to do all of these things- I just did not want to make a fuss b/c I had an irrational fear that our pastor would deem us incompatible and refuse to marry us. Well now, five years later, when I complain about laundry/cooking/cleaning, my husband likes to point out that I checked those chores as mine in the workbook. I wish I could find that wretched book and figure out what he checked. I would also erase my checkmarks. Probably he signed up for the responsibilities he claims: grilling, lawn-mowing, and checking out “weird” noises in the middle of the night. He likes to remind me that his “chores” include a potentially deadly stand-off with a burglar in the middle of the night, and that dusting and mopping are surely not life-threatening. To this I make two [excellent] points: a) now that we have a dog, the dog is in charge of checking out weird noises and b) I would rather take my chances with a burglar IF that is ever required as opposed to a lifetime of laundry and toilet scrubbing.

Now before you go on thinking my husband is a lethargic, no-good sloth, I should tell you that: he is NOT a lethargic, no-good sloth. I wouldn’t trade him for the entire world. I wouldn’t trade him for an ARMY of husbands who cook and clean and do laundry. Also because I’m not into polygamy. Luke is a hard working guy, the funniest human being I know, and he is a lover and protector of his family. I really could go on, but I will try to get back to my point, which is: sometimes Luke tries to help with the housework. Let me count thy ways…

1. One time I came home to find that the dirty laundry basket I’d left on the washer was gone. Upon further inspection, all of the dirty clothes had been folded & put away by my husband. I quietly poked around in all the drawers & shelves to find dirty-mistaken-for-clean-by-luke towels, clothes, ….undergarments.
2. Sometimes he adds dirty dishes to the dishwasher when the load is clean.
3. Last week I had pulled clothes out of the drier, but not folded them. I came home to find them all back in the drier- he had re-washed them thinking they were dirty. Now they are double clean. How cute!
4. And most recently…. Luke needed his work shirts laundered. Rather than bother me with the task (how thoughtful!) he decided to do his own laundry. In the washer he found a load of towels, already washed but not yet moved to the drier. Rather than transfer them to the drier, he simply added more soap, his laundry, and started a new cycle. Shortly thereafter, I was in the kitchen & smelled smoke. I walked into the laundry room, and found the source: our washer. Beloved member of our appliance family was smoking, and no longer washing. I called Luke in, and as I opened the lid saw what he had done. I did not rebuke, nor did I criticize. I merely pointed out that I had added bleach to the towel load- lots of bleach. There was a flurry of flying blue work shirts as luke extracted his clothes to check for bleach spots. Thankfully no work shirts dyed (ha ha), but our washer did. It was a good little washer, but could not handle the strain of cleaning a full load of towels PLUS work shirts. RIP washer.

Luke's 28!

Luke turned 28, and his cousin Patty turned 22! Since I'm married to Luke, and my brother is dating Patty, we all celebrated together @ Claim Jumpers- yum!
Action shot

Dad checking out the menu


This is little orphan Annie. We tried to teach her to sit modestly, but this is how she hangs. Her ploy is to lay on her back and tempt unsuspecting visitors into rubbing her tummy. But the truth is that she hates her tummy touched (I think she is self conscious) and when they stick out their hand she swipes, scratches and bites. The dog falls for it every time.


Rucker's New Trick

We taught Rucker to play dead when we shoot him. Check it out - he's added it to his repertoire (sit, down, play dead) and does it pretty quick. What a smart dog.

Home Repair: Hard on the Pets

While prepping to paint the kitchen, Annie took advantage of a new hiding spot. Rucker was very tired from all the activity.
In fact, he could barely move.

Richard & Thomas Play Soccer

Richard & Thomas started their first year of soccer!

Chris & Reina - proud parents!

My Dog Loves Kids

I keep telling Luke we need to get some kids for our dog! Rucker loves kiddies, mostly b/c they eat low to the ground, drop a lot of food, and get a kick out of playing fetch. Friday night we had Gillian, Naomee & Lexee spend the night. Here's a pic of Rucker hanging with the girls on the way to the boys' soccer game.