Fondue Farewell

Kristen moved to Amsterdam with Nike to take on a new role. Kristen has been one of the faithful runners in our Saturday running group for the past 5 years. To send her off in style Raelee & Andy had us over for a Fondue Farewell party. Andy is half Swiss and we have been wanting to try his famous fondue for a very long time. This seemed like the perfect occasion. Cristina & Ryan, brought their new baby Mateo along for the cheese.
brand new mom & dad
Cristina, Kristen, Raelee & Me

Every good party calls for a baby & beer. CB supplied the baby, I supplied the beer. Sean & KP
Momma & baby
KP got her paws on him first
Our hailed chef- Andy, preparing a salad. That's the fondue in the red pot on the stove. It was delicious.

In other cheese news, I am happy to report that I brought some of my homemade gouda for people to try, and they loved it. Or they were eating it to make me feel better. Either way I'll take it.


Shamrock Run

Raelee, Kristen & I after we ran 9.3 miles in Sunday's Shamrock Run. What champs.

Cousin Sister

This is my sassy cousin (luke's cuz, really)/my brother's fiance, PATTY. She is trying on some of her wedding day accessories!


David & Danielle in Town

The boys
David & Danielle
Megan & Kelly
Christina- the life of the party :)
Me & Cassandra

Our friend David from high school and his wife came into town, so we got together for dinner. It was a very good time & we had so many high school friends over that it felt a little like high school all over again, but with legal beer :)

A day at the Zoo

Parking lot pics
The only time in 4 hours where all 4 children were in close proximity of one another and their two chaperones.
We spent more time at this hollow log than at the giraffes, hippos, and zebras combined!
The sassiest momma I know :)

A few weeks ago my sis in law & nieces & nephews went to the zoo. Unfortunately we were not the only Oregonians with the brilliant idea to visit the zoo on the first sunny Sunday in 5 months...it was packed. We circled the parking lot like vultures and beat out the competition (minivans of all shapes, sizes, and colors) for a prime spot. The ratio of adults to kids (1:2) seemed reasonable at first....that is until we hit the first exhibit. Modern day warfare and foot soldier strategists could take a lesson from these kids. They scattered, taking shelter where they could and climbing anything in sight - not overlooking any sort of exhibit whereby climbing a fence put them perilously close to animals with much larger teeth than they. Trying to keep count of 4 kids at a very busy zoo is not unlike watching a cheesy zombie movie-- the type where the zombie is sloooowly walking down a dark hall after a beautiful young girl who is frantically running but unable to escape the zombie. The kids are not deceptive- they are loud and in plain sight- but you would be shocked at how quick they move and how easy it is to lose sight of them! Some parents even have leashes on their kids. In theory I think that's over the top, but practically speaking 4 leashes would have come in very handy.
The best part about going to the zoo was watching the kids enjoy EVERYTHING. As a goal-minded adult, I have expectations of seeing exhibits and animals. Wide-eyed, enthusiastic young children, on the other hand, have no such expectation. Their joy is in the journey. They had so much fun climbing on things and playing on exhibits that I don't think they would have noticed if the animals were missing. I could say something very cliche here about what we can learn from children, but I think my parting advice will be less profound: Schedule zoo trips only when circumstance will allow for a nap directly afterwards. :)


First Kiss

Today marks 11 years since our first kiss.

I saved the sweatshirt I was wearing that day. It was a little red number. I still have it, but now it is ratty and old.

I remember after he left I could not stop smiling & my parents asked, "Why are you in such a good mood?" I told them it was because I was really, really excited for the next day's track meet (riiiight).

I remember that the kiss was amazing, but even more dramatic were the hours on the phone that ensued as we debated "what this means" (I can barely type that now without rolling my eyes, but that's how things were in high school. Very dramatic.)

I remember feeling like I snagged the best guy I knew and thinking that all our girl friends were going to be jealous of me!

I remember feeling cool because I was dating him. Then I felt really cool going to prom with him. Now I feel SUPER cool because I'm married to him.

And I still think all the girls are jealous.

Eat your hearts out, ladies.