Wedding Pics!

Ash caught the bouquet...but I think she slugged Kimmie to get it... getting doooown

I love this pic of Christina hugging her papa

Seating Mom
Matt & Kate
Me & Dad
Glee for two

Cousin Kevin strangling Jack

2 kids married, one to go (no pressure Chris!)



This is a gross post, and if you are poo-averse, skip it.

The turtles I adopted are in the pond out back. The small fellow has had an increasingly large tail since we got him, 3 week ago. Yesterday I got home and noticed it was HUGE and bulging. I inspected, and it was like he had a gigantic rock in his tail (which is where they poo from, so for the sake of avoiding gross but accurate physiological terms, we'll refer to his pooper as his "tail" for the remainder of the post). Anyhow, Luke was not enthusiastic about the idea of a vet visit, so I tried suctioning it out with a syringe from some old cat medicine. No luck. My brilliant sis asked a turtle-expert for advice, and the said to keep trying the syringe (suction) because it is common for turtles to digest something but not be able to pass it.

Little fellow was constipated-- and BAD. Honestly the mathematics of it were not going to work- and you could tell he was in distress and didn't want his tail invaded. But I really think he was going to die a slow terrible death without intervention- there is NO WAY that thing was coming out. The only appropriate tool that I had on hand was a plaque scraping hook for teeth. For ten minutes I VERY CAREFULLY broke up and dislodged what seemed to be a giant ball of scales and bones from some fish he previously ate. And since he hasn't eaten fish since I've had him, this had been giving him problems for at LEAST 3 weeks. Poor fellow- he did not like the procedure, but his tail is back to normal size, which really is a miracle.

Sugar; Revisited

This is ridiculous. I was driving home yesterday, and there on the side of 32nd is SUGAR- the pomeranian I rescued and returned a few months back. I didn't even have to call animal control this time- I know right where Sugar lives. So I took him home and scolded the little boy who was home for not keeping a better eye on his dog. He didn't seem phased. UGH. I have half a mind to do what any morally superior animal lover would do- write a mean anonymous letter. Hmph.


Dog Gone

I am pleased to say that I got a call at noon yesterday from the owner of "Cooper." He was happily reunited, and the woman had been very worried about her missing fellow.

However--- on the way home at noon, I was driving down 99E (busy, 1-way freeway) when I spotted a german shepherd mix running the wrong way down the road. I pulled over, put on my hazards, grabbed a bag of doritos (as bait) and ran ran ran ran after this dog. I was not close enough to scare him- he was so far ahead. I chased him up the OFF ramp from the ross island bridge and literally stopped traffic on the bridge (just as the dog had done) to cross to the sidewalk. Sadly even though I ran as fast as I could I didn't even get close. I saw red tail lights all the way on the other side of the bridge, meaning he crossed but I don't know what happened to him, poor guy. A nice woman who saw me running pulled over and drove me back to my car, which was very nice because I would have had to stop traffic again to cross. This was something I would probably not do again- it was pretty stupid of me. I sure hope pup found a good person to catch him & get him back to his owners!


The Dog In Our Yard

Last night Luke was up late & went outside to have a cigarette before coming to bed (tsk tsk tsk). When he came inside a yellow lab followed him in! This made Rucker and the cat very unhappy. Rucker, normally passive and submissive, became fierce and protective. He showed his teeth and looked very mean. He even snapped a bit at this giant unneutered dog in his living room (wouldn't you?). So lab dog is in the back yard now. Turns out he is super sweet and well behaved EXCEPT that he CONSTANTLY whines. He misses his family, I think. And this time Luke can't be annoyed because it followed HIM home!

Pizza-box-cardboard sign is posted on the end of the street.
Ads are up on craigslist, Pets911.com, oregonlive.com, and clackamas county humane society.
One woman with a marginally similar ad for a lost dog has been contacted. Otherwise no similar dogs are posted as "lost."
I just had one woman call hoping it was her dog, but it wasn't (poor, sad girl)- it was very sad because she was really hoping this was her pup.

I am anxiously awaiting the happy reunion of lab & his family.


The Wedding!

My little brother is married! The ceremony was the quickest I have ever been to- maybe 10 minutes? I barely had time to tear up :) Patty looked amazing in her dress, and they were so, so happy~what an awesome party. The below pics are all out of order, so use your imagination! Courtesy of the groomsmen
Patty getting ready to drive away
Jack hopes this all washes off

Jenny, mother of the bride, putting a few last minute decorations together
BRIDE- i can't show you her customized undies but they said, "Mrs. Stephens" -very cute


Christina, flower girl extraordinaire

Cousin Casey & girlfriend Michelle

Chris & Reina

Dad, Jack & Patty

Dad, Michelle & Casey

Patty & Kelly
Lining up for food

Jack & the most successful matchmaker of all time

Ash, Kim & Reina- 3 of my 8 sisters!

Jack's shirt says "GAME OVER"
Patty, Kim & Kate- 3 more of my 8 sisters
Patty, my newest sis :)
Kate & Kim
Patty & Momma Jenny

This was by far the quickest rehearsal I've been to. We were in & out in 30 min. We did one run through. It was simple and easy & allowed us to get quickly back to my parents house for DINNER, the more important part of the evening :)

Bachelorette Party #2

The girls took Patty out for one last night of drinking & dancing- We went to Dixie's downtown where a man from Willamette Weekly took our pics & Patty entered a contest to win a trip to Vegas if she could push a lime across the bar with her nose in 10 seconds further than anyone else. She lost. :( But we think the other girls cheated! Only two pics taken on my camera.


100th Post! And Turtles

FYI, this is my 100th post!!! That is a blog milestone!

For mother's day I got two turtles from someone who didn't want them anymore. I didn't tell Luke in advance, and as it turns out, mine was not the decision he would have made (even though they were ORPHANS). I promise the turtles are bound for the pond just as soon as I can turtle-proof the gate/fence in the yard. Until then they are in a 60 gallon aquarium....on the dining room table.

General Family Opinions of the "Twins"
1. Luke informed me that we are "not aquarium people," whatever that means.
2. They scare the cat.
3. The dog is unimpressed.
4. They especially like to eat live goldfish which will not endear them to the fish in the pond.
5. I am the only one in the entire house who loves the turtles.

I am sleeping on the couch. With two turtles.


mildly interested

turtles? disgusting.