Dog Gone

I am pleased to say that I got a call at noon yesterday from the owner of "Cooper." He was happily reunited, and the woman had been very worried about her missing fellow.

However--- on the way home at noon, I was driving down 99E (busy, 1-way freeway) when I spotted a german shepherd mix running the wrong way down the road. I pulled over, put on my hazards, grabbed a bag of doritos (as bait) and ran ran ran ran after this dog. I was not close enough to scare him- he was so far ahead. I chased him up the OFF ramp from the ross island bridge and literally stopped traffic on the bridge (just as the dog had done) to cross to the sidewalk. Sadly even though I ran as fast as I could I didn't even get close. I saw red tail lights all the way on the other side of the bridge, meaning he crossed but I don't know what happened to him, poor guy. A nice woman who saw me running pulled over and drove me back to my car, which was very nice because I would have had to stop traffic again to cross. This was something I would probably not do again- it was pretty stupid of me. I sure hope pup found a good person to catch him & get him back to his owners!

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