I Believe the Children Are Our Future...and I'm concerned...

Context: I'm sitting on a plane next to two teenage girls. I'm working on my laptop, and when its time to land I close it. There's a swoosh sticker on the top of the computer.

Girl: Do you work for Nike?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Oh my gosh. That is SO cool. What do you do there?
Me: Well, there's this giant system that handles all our orders and stuff. I manage projects that have to do with changing that system.
(Girl pauses to think for a moment)
Girl: So...is that like advertising?
Me: Um....no. It's not.



This is a ton of pics from this weekend. Travelling w/Kristen was a blast. All I had to do was show up- she arranged our schedule such that in 2 very short days we saw...
1. Christ Church Cathedral, built 800 years ago (as luke put it--- that is hundreds of years before people knew the earth was ROUND!)
2. Walking tour of Dublin
3. Guinness Brewery
4. Dublin Gay Pride Parade (an unexpected spectacle)
5. Dublin Castle
6. Musical pub crawl
7. Book of Kells (oldest manuscript of the 4 gospels in Ireland)
8. Kilmainham Jail

This is the crypt of Christ Church. 800 years old, and this thing is still held up by these columns. Standing under the church in a crypt of old "remains" was a little creepy.


Rain rain go away. I bought an umbrella with sheep on it. As an Oregonian you might be interested to know this was the first umbrella I've bought for as long as I can remember. But the rain was much much worse in Ireland, and I had no hood, no jacket, and no car. So sheep umbrella it was.

In a jail cell. Also creepy.

Having Guinness at the top of the brewery at 11:30 was maybe not the best idea. We had to go get coffee afterwards.

This is posted on trashcans in Dublin, and as far as I can tell, ignored.

We were soaking wet seeking refuge on public transport.

One of my favorite pictures that I took, looking down the cell block in the jail.

For Sarah, whose birthday is March 17th!

Ah, post-guiness coffee.

Dublin's largest ever pride parade marched through as we were trying to assemble for our walking tour of Dublin. I had a laugh remembering the horrified expressions on the faces of my brother and (male) cousin who in their very young adolescent years rode their bikes downtown and inadvertently found themselves amidst a pride parade. Hee hee- I think they learned a lot about diversity that day :)

Beautiful-- this church was amazing.

To me this was worth a picture. I thought the life preserver was a joke, but there are actually several up & down the river Liffey. This river is more like a moat, and I think if you fall in drowning is the least of your worries. Ew.


hi from dublin!

hello family! my cell phone is out of batteries, my laptop is out of batteries, and i have no way to charge anything due to the very interesting 3 pronged power outlets here. so i will tell you i am safe and alive and very happy here in dublin- yesterday we saw the oldest manuscript of the gospel - the book of kells- in ireleand. then we went on a walking tour of dublin, and finished with a musical pub crawl, where we listened to 2 hours of irish music as narrated by 2 guys who are the equivalent- i think- of our 'starved and struggling musician' types in portland. but these guys really were good! ok, off to see the jail, castle, and church of christ. phew- hugs & kisses, and luke- give my dog a scritch for me. i miss him terribly (and you too my dear!)


A few pics for now...

When I got off the plane we went for a run through vondelpark (!) to help me wake up- it definitely helped!!

standing in front of the city hall at Gouda!
Dressed up for the Sex & the City movie- it just opened in Holland!
bikes, bikes, bikes. If your not careful they'll kill you with these things.


On to Amsterdam

I'm in the "KLM Lounge," where only elite (ie business or first class) travelers are welcome. The best part of traveling with Nike is that I get to fly business class for international flights. This means royal treatment. Also known as: all the beer you can drink. Don't get me wrong, I'm no heavy drinker...but I'm a sucker for free booze. Anyway, the seats in biz class recline entirely, and they're stand alone, which means no common-territory-armrests on which to wage elbow hockey with your neighbor. You get your own movie screen with tons of on demand movies, and they bring you food and warm towels & keep asking, "would you like another heineken miss?" A girl could get used to this.


Speaking of Gouda

This makes me smile everytime I hear it:

Off to See the World!

Tomorrow I leave for 2 weeks. Most of it is for work, starting in Toronto at Nike Canada HQ. 3 quick days there & I leave Friday night to Amsterdam, where my dear friend Kristen (of blog: http://kpittyinthecity.blogspot.com/) will pick me up at the customs gate and tour me around Amsterdam, which is her home as of a few months ago. I'll be at work there for a week & then we leave the following Friday for a girls trip to Dublin!!! Kristen, being very type A (and thankfully so) has planned our agenda which includes pubs, a castle, a jail, and a guiness tour. OH! And Kristen and I will be going to GOUDA, NETHERLANDS. Though there the pronounce it hhhchhouwda (rhymes with "chowda"). A bit of a mecca for me. I can barely wait!




My best weekend...

My weekend so far:
1. Dropped dog off at Mom & Dad's
2. Went to the casino at lincoln city
3. Won $35
4. Had dinner at the Inn at Spanish Head
5. Drove home late last night and slept in this morning
6. Got up, put on sweats, drove to Safeway to get frozen waffles and little smokies and starbucks
7. toasted waffles and little smokies, breakfast in bed
8. Coffee + computer in bed: craigslist, blogs, etc.
9. 12:38 and still in bed
10. Luke said, "we're empty nesters." And we prefer a full nest, so will have to go get rucker I suppose. We miss him lots.