I Believe the Children Are Our Future...and I'm concerned...

Context: I'm sitting on a plane next to two teenage girls. I'm working on my laptop, and when its time to land I close it. There's a swoosh sticker on the top of the computer.

Girl: Do you work for Nike?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Oh my gosh. That is SO cool. What do you do there?
Me: Well, there's this giant system that handles all our orders and stuff. I manage projects that have to do with changing that system.
(Girl pauses to think for a moment)
Girl: So...is that like advertising?
Me: Um....no. It's not.


Peaby said...

HA! that's funny and sad. Do you know LeBron James?

Kate said...

That's really funny. I read it before, but I didn't read your heading. So sad.

Ben & Tera said...

Can you please do a post on how you brought your fish back to life?