Off to See the World!

Tomorrow I leave for 2 weeks. Most of it is for work, starting in Toronto at Nike Canada HQ. 3 quick days there & I leave Friday night to Amsterdam, where my dear friend Kristen (of blog: http://kpittyinthecity.blogspot.com/) will pick me up at the customs gate and tour me around Amsterdam, which is her home as of a few months ago. I'll be at work there for a week & then we leave the following Friday for a girls trip to Dublin!!! Kristen, being very type A (and thankfully so) has planned our agenda which includes pubs, a castle, a jail, and a guiness tour. OH! And Kristen and I will be going to GOUDA, NETHERLANDS. Though there the pronounce it hhhchhouwda (rhymes with "chowda"). A bit of a mecca for me. I can barely wait!



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Ashley Marie said...

Love you sis have fun!