On to Amsterdam

I'm in the "KLM Lounge," where only elite (ie business or first class) travelers are welcome. The best part of traveling with Nike is that I get to fly business class for international flights. This means royal treatment. Also known as: all the beer you can drink. Don't get me wrong, I'm no heavy drinker...but I'm a sucker for free booze. Anyway, the seats in biz class recline entirely, and they're stand alone, which means no common-territory-armrests on which to wage elbow hockey with your neighbor. You get your own movie screen with tons of on demand movies, and they bring you food and warm towels & keep asking, "would you like another heineken miss?" A girl could get used to this.


Ashley Marie said...

You lush! I hope you're having a great time sis, be safe love you!

Patty & Jack said...

so lucky!!