A Painted House: Part I

Friday night we decided to sell the house, which requires painting it. Well, we'll see if we really do sell the house. It's just that with house prices the way they are, we could get into a bigger house if we can sell this one first. Anyhow, we received wise council Saturday (thanks Dad) and as a result, we've cleaned every inch of the exterior house, fence, and shed. It took all day and I am already sore. We'll let it sit & dry for a week, and then next weekend we'll start scraping, caulking, and priming.

I volunteered to do roof duty. It is kinda like the grown up equivalent of sleeping on the top bunk. It means your bad-ass.

Luke loooooves getting his pic taken for the blog.

This was taken towards the end. We are SO glad to be done...but I think this was the EASY part :(


Take Your Band Aid With You When You Go

EWWWWWWW> I forgot about this. Luckily Ash captured it forever on film. When we got into the hotel (note the shag carpet) we found a USED band aid on the floor. In case you forgot this is the same lovely establishment that participates in OREGON METH WATCH, and the location at which in the middle of a hot shower (and part way through conditioning my hair) the water turned ice cold and spit out black pipe residue ALL over me. We took pics of that too but as it involves me in a towel....well, it is maybe better left off the blog.


Last round of pics from the beach

Ash struck it big. And then lost it all :(

I lost the most.

Ash lost the 2nd most

Patty didn't lose so much.

Then when we got back to mom & dad's house we found that rucker had assplosion in ashley's room on the carpet. Poor guy has a stomach bug and Mom didn't know he wanted to go outside. Ash was not happy. But since I'm married to a carpet cleaner I handled it.

Hippity Hop, and you don't stop...

Much unlike traveling with Luke (who will not tolerate photo shoots for the sake of blogging), the girls were eager to take some blog-bound photos. Patty had the idea to take pictures of us jumping, which is hard to do in sync with 2 other people while trying to use the camera timer. Still, I think I made the best effort...

Stephens Sisters (first annual) Beach Trip

The hotel we stayed at was...cheap and interesting. Luckily, as advertised on the front door, the hotel participates in the Oregon Meth Watch Program. So we slept easy. In the shower though I got a flood of cold water with BLACK CRAP (not literally crap, but something like pipe corosion flakes) covered me all over and got stuck in my hair. GROSS.
token beach shots- we spent most of the casino.



I am so sad. Raccoons ate my 2 giant koi, and left one of the bodies in the yard. There is blood in the lawn, and fish scales all over. Worse yet, I think that rucker may have eaten the left over white koi b/c it's body is NOT in the yard, and raccoons usually leave most of the fish behind. So now I'm worried rucker will have fish bones puncturing his stomach. And I think the turtles are gone too. I see 4 little gold fish in the pond, they are the only survivors. :( I am so sad.



My neighbor Jerry, who does not drive, called me at work today to ask me to pick up some weeerms on my way home from work tonight. He said I can get them at Fred Meyer, and he’d like 2 dozen. He’ll be fishing tomorrow, and needs them tonight. So tonight on my way home from work, I’ll be buying weeerms. Which grosses me out.


i LOVE this guy

In my anonymous blog perusing adventures, I sometimes come across the blogs of mushy married women whose blog exists solely to extol the virtues of their husband. Long rambling proclamations of love, promises to cherish for all time, litanies on how they've been made a better person simply for having known their husbands. And I always gag a little bit. So I'll spare the mush and say simply, I love love love this guy.

Ash's 21st Bday!

My baby sister turns 21 tomorrow! For her birthday this weekend her boyfriend Chris hosted a lovely bbq on his lake. That's right- he owns a LAKE. Whatever- I have a pond. Anyhow, it was a beautiful day and we played on jet skis and inner tubes and enjoyed ourselves.

Dad, who claims to not like my dog...

The Stephens Girls! (ok, well 3 stephens & a former stephens)

Made for one...

But more fun for two!

Family Picnic

Snug as a bug

Chris & Kimberly floating down the river

Big muscles...

Not to be outdone...

4th of July: Lost in the Urban Jungle

The only thing noteworthy about our 4th of July.....

We braved the masses to watch the fireworks from Sellwood bluff. The street was closed off and everyone was walking around drinking from plastic cups or beer bottles. Everyone was so cheerful. When the much heralded grand finale began, there was hooting, hollering, and clapping. I was proud to be American.

As we turned to head back to the car, we realized we had no idea where the car was. Unphased, Luke suggested a shortcut. Shortcuts are relative, but when you don't know where you're going in the first place, shortcuts are just plain bad ideas.

We walked in circles.
We walked in squares.
We walked in a few polygons.

We considered our options:
1. Each man for themselves.
2. Michelle walks home, gets her car, and drive back for Luke.
3. Keep looking...though this was the popular vote it was also the most daunting. We had packed neither water nor rations. What if we got thirsty? Or more likely, hungry?

So we continued to wander. All the streets looked alike. We were sure of one thing: we had parked on a VERY crowded street. Unfortunately as most people left after the fireworks, this was not much to go on.

In a stroke of genius, my husband whipped out his clicker. We paused at each corner to click and look for headlights. Alas, with a little luck and Luke's urban survival skills, we found the truck. Which was good, because we were starting to get hungry.

Cotswald Schmotswald

It was destined to be delicious. Here I am unveiling my 3 month old cotswald cheese.

ooh the anticipation is killing me!

Chris is looking forward to it too...

The end result- Reina spits out the molded cheese. Sad sad. I think young cheese may be my forte. I keep screwing up the aging process....