A Painted House: Part I

Friday night we decided to sell the house, which requires painting it. Well, we'll see if we really do sell the house. It's just that with house prices the way they are, we could get into a bigger house if we can sell this one first. Anyhow, we received wise council Saturday (thanks Dad) and as a result, we've cleaned every inch of the exterior house, fence, and shed. It took all day and I am already sore. We'll let it sit & dry for a week, and then next weekend we'll start scraping, caulking, and priming.

I volunteered to do roof duty. It is kinda like the grown up equivalent of sleeping on the top bunk. It means your bad-ass.

Luke loooooves getting his pic taken for the blog.

This was taken towards the end. We are SO glad to be done...but I think this was the EASY part :(


Ben & Tera said...

Oh my goodness, that is A LOT of work. Yikes! Are you guys going to stay in Milwaukie? (saying milwaukie in my head just the way cousin Luke says it)
I think you should move to gresham.

K Pitty said...
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K Pitty said...

:) Does this mean that when we go running in a few weeks that you will be covered in paint just like old times??? CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Ashley Marie said...

I love painting can I come help?!

Patty & Jack said...

Oh gosh, home improvement sucks but it is a good time to buy!!