Take Your Band Aid With You When You Go

EWWWWWWW> I forgot about this. Luckily Ash captured it forever on film. When we got into the hotel (note the shag carpet) we found a USED band aid on the floor. In case you forgot this is the same lovely establishment that participates in OREGON METH WATCH, and the location at which in the middle of a hot shower (and part way through conditioning my hair) the water turned ice cold and spit out black pipe residue ALL over me. We took pics of that too but as it involves me in a towel....well, it is maybe better left off the blog.


Ben & Tera said...

That is so sick. I want to barf. I can't wait to see you in a couple days. I am thinking about coming up Monday with the babies by myself. Yes I am brave. Ben has tons of homework and would be best if we were not around the house bugging him. Lets party, yahoo!

Patty & Jack said...

I have the naked towel shots on my blog!! MEOW!

Ben & Tera said...

You are so fricken funny. I love when you comment on my blog. You can say whatever you want. Can't wait to see you!!!!