Oregon State Fair: Highlight

This was the highlight of my trip to the Oregon State Fair.

It is VERY hard (to tell due to the unmatched craftsmanship the artist put into this piece) but the framed art shown below is not a family photo- it is CROSS-STITCHED! To my shock, this beauty was awarded a paltry second place ribbon. Do you see how lifelike the gentleman's mullet and crosby-esque sweater are??? Unfortunately I was unable to meet the artist in person- but I have a strong suspicion the artist and the woman featured are one and the same. I mean seriously- who has such perfectly fluffed poofy bangs? She must have touched herself up a little I think.

I would have taken a better photo of the cross-stitch, but people were starting to look at us funny. For much better detail, click on the actual picture below to see it much larger.

Only at the Oregon State Fair, sigh.

Oregon State Fair

Dad, Mom, Patty & I went to the Oregon State Fair. Random and spontaneous decision.

Casey- [not] of "Casey's Hot Dogs"

Poor gal. She was feeling a little on the pudgy side. When I took the picture she sucked in all four stomachs. ha ha.

This fellow was showing off his pearly whites.

...and trying to kiss Patty!

Mom, Patty & Dad

Me & Patty

Patty & her greatest love


A few things...

number 1: I check blogs a little obsessively. It is a cheap thrill when I click a link & see a new title. my heart skips a beat and I savor the new post. However- I have some deadbeat friends who aren't such consistent posters- and I just cannot deal with all the disappointment: click, nothing new, back button. click, nothing new, back button. to save me time (and disappointment) I've ditched the friend list & added a BLOG ROLL that shows all my friends in order of most recent posts. This will save me lots of time.

number 2: best recipe ever: i saw this recipe on the food network one day while i was on the treadmill. The idea of watching food tv while on a treadmill is kinda like the proverbial "carrot on a string," except less....proverbial. Anyhow- this guy, named Guy Ferari, was making cheesy garlic bread. this is not the exact recipe but it is what I do and it is to die for.

--how can you make cheesy garlic bread even less healthy? add mayo! I'm not kidding- just try this & you will be amazed...

Mix equal parts mayo & butter (I use light mayo & brummel & brown low-fat yogurt butter). then mix in LOTS of garlic & freshly grated Parmesan cheese. spread on the bread & bake at 325 for a while- broil to finish & add garlic salt.

Jack, Patty, and Ash- I know you, and I KNOW you will love this delicious bread. yum.


Sweet Cheeks

I cannot help but blog about this, even though it is well documented on patty's blog...

Patty, my sister in law, is normally very petite and beautiful-with a cute little chin and jaw line. Reference picture below:

But this week she had her wisdom teeth out, and now check her out. I'm sure the swelling will go down soon, but in the meantime, I cannot get enough of this picture. It is hard to tell, but she is SMILING. hee hee. Love you sweet cheeks!!


the shakes

In January I made the life altering decision to quit caffeine- mostly. I stopped drinking diet pepsi (which I previously drank a LOT of), and slowly cut down my 3 shots of espresso to 1. I did this for three main reasons:
1) I was addicted
2) diet pepsi has stuff in it that all my conspiracy-theorist PSU classmates swore would give me horrible nerve damage (or something like that)
3) at some point in the future I want to have babies- and they say too much caffeine is bad. plus I had a friend get prego who puked not b/c of morning sickness, but b/c of caffeine withdrawals- yikes.

Anyhow- for the last 8 months I have been strictly doing only 1 shot of caffinated espresso & 2 shots decaf in my americano. But today I am shaking, my left pinky is numb, and I am multi-tasking like a schizophrenic.

My point is, I think I got 3 caffinated shots today. Watch out world.

Sarah's BBQ

My friend Sarah had another great BBQ this weekend. Girls come to get caught up on all the gossip, and boys come because Sarah overstocks the liquor cabinet. Not all that different from high school parties now that I think about it... :) Anyhow, here are pics...

Kelly & I

Sarah, Kelly & I

kelly & karma- brett is in the background & looks a little scary- i don't think he knew he was being photographed

paul, chris & kale - smiles courtesy of jungle juice


Jenny & John's Wedding

Chris & Kelly w/pimp mac daddy Kelly

Steve & Ryan

Two best looking DJ's ever

Kale & Kelly

Nicole & Jesse

Sarah & Kelly w/pimp mac daddy Kale

me & luke

Hannah's Shower

More pics from Hannah's shower!

Hannah & her mom & sis Rachel


Home Improvement

I have re-wallpapered my blog. Now time for a nap.


BFF :)

My lifelong friend Hannah is getting hitched to a wonderful guy, Thomas. They seem perfect for each other and I am so happy to have reconnected with my friend. This is just a quick little blog to post a pic from the shower- it was at Kennedy School which is fitting b/c she's getting married at the Cornelius Roadhouse McMenamins in the octagonal barn. I'd like to tell people she's getting married in an octagon, but that makes me think of cage fighting- which is an inappropriate comparison to marriage :) love you han!


Miracle :)


The last few weeks at work have been out of control. We're in the final rounds of testing my project, and we keep finding one problem after another. Well this week, the last week of testing, we STILL had not resolved a major open issue. Literally I've been losing sleep over this issue- this and a few less nerve-wracking issues. I've been asking for my friends & family to pray for resolution. Does God answer prayers about work crisis'? YES HE DOES! I am happy [and thankful and relieved and blessed and sooooo grateful] to report that today we found a solution. And by "we" I mean one of our consultants pulled a rabbit out of a hat and saved the day. Miraculously today has seen the resolution of so many open issues that I can only be thankful to God for providing IT support. Who knew he did that?!?


Little Miss Muffet

The last 2 days have been a nightmare at work. I was at work until 10:30 last night, and up for 5 am & 6 am conference calls this morning. UGH. But the project I'm working on is going live in October so this is the most intense, crazy part of the whole thing.

The benefits of working so much lately are:
1. I get to feel all sorts of sorry for myself
2. I excuse myself from normal obligations like laundry or cleaning (though admittedly I excuse myself from these obligations for lesser burdens, like a good book, a semi-interesting tv program, or a variety of weather systems including clouds, sun, and rain)
3. I have a deeply seated sense of self admiration for my dedication and diligence. Which is nice because I am only dedicated and diligent once every four years or so- kinda like leap year.

Anyhow, I rolled out of bed this morning & had just dialed into the 5 o'clock call when I saw Annie in hot pursuit of something. I knew she was in such pursuit because she was employing her typical stealth maneuvers:
1. Wait
2. Twitch tail
3. Crouch
4. LEEEAP into the air as high as possible and land in the general vicinity of what you were trying to pounce
5. Realize that your time spent "in flight" was more than adequate to allow your prey to flee the vicinity
6. Repeat

So when I saw she was stalking a GIANT SPIDER I actually asked my coworkers to HOLD ON while I dealt with the situation. The spider was curled up, and a few of Annie's "landings" hit their mark- so I was sure he was dead (Annie is...."big boned.") I put a glass over him, and continued my call. I think they thought I was a faker. But upon finishing the call I realized he was ALIVE. So I took a picture which is of the spider in a glass on my notebook (to give you context) - and you can see he really was big. I re-released him into the wild, where he belongs.

This proves I'm not a malicious killer of insects like my sis Katie. Plus I saved him imminent death by protecting him from Annie.


Goin' on a SKUNK hunt...

This picture is for my dad...who has a skunk family living under his porch. The skunks dig for grubs in his perfectly manicured lawn, which makes him VERY mad. To remedy the problem he has acquired a high powered pellet gun, gets up in the middle of the check for for skunks, and at twilight has been known to perch at a second story window with a drink and gun to watch for the vermin. One hit so far, but no kills. This is war.

A Painted House: Part II

The last week has been dedicated to painting our house blue. Things I've learned about painting:
1. It isn't really painting. It's cleaning and scraping and caulking and nailing and taping and priming and THEN painting.
2. One's motivation to paint is inversely proportionate to the amount of beer one consumes.
3. If you think you'll "eat a little lunch" or "rest your eyes" and then return to painting, you are wrong.

Dad- the hardest working man I know. He was at our house both days this weekend and single-handedly painted the entire front of our house. We didn't even ask him- he just volunteered. I don't have kids, but when I do if I love them HALF as much as my dad loves me they will be LUCKY kids.


Chris doing some dirty work. Another stand up man- he just showed up. We rewarded him with cheeseburgers and beer. We're hoping when he gets hungry again he'll return to where he's fed...?

Luke was painting some trim

Mom- who insisted on cleaning up the scrapings. As she puts it..."A tidy workplace is a safe workplace, and when you're not tripping over yourself you can paint faster." She might be right. She's also a really good "boss." Average employee, but GREAT boss... :)

Getting there!

Princess & the Pea

On the fence

Anna, thoughtfully

Anna at Kelly's wedding!


Thomas turns 6!

Thomas was born just 2.5 weeks before I got married, which makes it easy for us to remember how old he is, or how long we've been married. He is now 6- his fave presents were legos & the blow up swords which were quickly classified as "outside toys."

Crescent Lake 2008!

Kimberly, in her self made toga. Is she wearing clothes under there? Only her and I, and anyone on the other side of her, knows.

Jack, Cassandra, & Christina

Thomas, sandcastle builder

Me & Christina

we are all sisters, and we have 3 different moms (and 3 different dad's). family puzzle!

toga, take 2

kids on a stump

tera & taylor

me & christina

Jack brought me my favorite food: sweet spicy chili doritos

Tired dog