Little Miss Muffet

The last 2 days have been a nightmare at work. I was at work until 10:30 last night, and up for 5 am & 6 am conference calls this morning. UGH. But the project I'm working on is going live in October so this is the most intense, crazy part of the whole thing.

The benefits of working so much lately are:
1. I get to feel all sorts of sorry for myself
2. I excuse myself from normal obligations like laundry or cleaning (though admittedly I excuse myself from these obligations for lesser burdens, like a good book, a semi-interesting tv program, or a variety of weather systems including clouds, sun, and rain)
3. I have a deeply seated sense of self admiration for my dedication and diligence. Which is nice because I am only dedicated and diligent once every four years or so- kinda like leap year.

Anyhow, I rolled out of bed this morning & had just dialed into the 5 o'clock call when I saw Annie in hot pursuit of something. I knew she was in such pursuit because she was employing her typical stealth maneuvers:
1. Wait
2. Twitch tail
3. Crouch
4. LEEEAP into the air as high as possible and land in the general vicinity of what you were trying to pounce
5. Realize that your time spent "in flight" was more than adequate to allow your prey to flee the vicinity
6. Repeat

So when I saw she was stalking a GIANT SPIDER I actually asked my coworkers to HOLD ON while I dealt with the situation. The spider was curled up, and a few of Annie's "landings" hit their mark- so I was sure he was dead (Annie is...."big boned.") I put a glass over him, and continued my call. I think they thought I was a faker. But upon finishing the call I realized he was ALIVE. So I took a picture which is of the spider in a glass on my notebook (to give you context) - and you can see he really was big. I re-released him into the wild, where he belongs.

This proves I'm not a malicious killer of insects like my sis Katie. Plus I saved him imminent death by protecting him from Annie.


Ashley Marie said...

A. OMG you are the most dedicated sister ever, how do you do it, blah blah blah. Does that make you feel like I admire you?
Well with all sarcasm aside, I actually I'm super proud of you!

B. Just think that spider will come back in and you'll eat him while you're sleeping

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I second Ashley's comment! Kill the bastards before they get the change to kill you! Survival of the fittest...that's what I always say!

Peaby said...

wow...okay I feel all kinds of sorry for you too! 10:30! yikes.

K Pitty said...

Michelle!!! Oh my goodness!! I'm sorry you are having to work so hard, but just realize you're almost at the finish line! Can't wait to SEE you!! I think at least one drink is in order!

Patty & Jack said...

I'm in full agreement with my sister and cousin. Its coming right back in the house and up your nose. EW!!!