A Painted House: Part II

The last week has been dedicated to painting our house blue. Things I've learned about painting:
1. It isn't really painting. It's cleaning and scraping and caulking and nailing and taping and priming and THEN painting.
2. One's motivation to paint is inversely proportionate to the amount of beer one consumes.
3. If you think you'll "eat a little lunch" or "rest your eyes" and then return to painting, you are wrong.

Dad- the hardest working man I know. He was at our house both days this weekend and single-handedly painted the entire front of our house. We didn't even ask him- he just volunteered. I don't have kids, but when I do if I love them HALF as much as my dad loves me they will be LUCKY kids.


Chris doing some dirty work. Another stand up man- he just showed up. We rewarded him with cheeseburgers and beer. We're hoping when he gets hungry again he'll return to where he's fed...?

Luke was painting some trim

Mom- who insisted on cleaning up the scrapings. As she puts it..."A tidy workplace is a safe workplace, and when you're not tripping over yourself you can paint faster." She might be right. She's also a really good "boss." Average employee, but GREAT boss... :)

Getting there!


Kate said...

I love the color!!! Great pick!

Ben & Tera said...

Yay! Your house is looking so good! I like your mom's style. She is one clean machine.

Patty & Jack said...

I love the color! My house gets the next work party!! It is in need of some serious love and a dishwasher.