the shakes

In January I made the life altering decision to quit caffeine- mostly. I stopped drinking diet pepsi (which I previously drank a LOT of), and slowly cut down my 3 shots of espresso to 1. I did this for three main reasons:
1) I was addicted
2) diet pepsi has stuff in it that all my conspiracy-theorist PSU classmates swore would give me horrible nerve damage (or something like that)
3) at some point in the future I want to have babies- and they say too much caffeine is bad. plus I had a friend get prego who puked not b/c of morning sickness, but b/c of caffeine withdrawals- yikes.

Anyhow- for the last 8 months I have been strictly doing only 1 shot of caffinated espresso & 2 shots decaf in my americano. But today I am shaking, my left pinky is numb, and I am multi-tasking like a schizophrenic.

My point is, I think I got 3 caffinated shots today. Watch out world.


Patty & Jack said...

Your blog looks radical.

Ashley Marie said...

Oh Michelle. Good thing you don't do drugs. Well more intense drugs than this one! Aren't you glad that your body says YIIIIKKKKEEES. Oh BTW I am currently watching a HGTV show and the dogs name is RUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Middlebrooks said...

except when you are camping and decide to run all seven miles...over achiever!

Kelly & Tony said...

I love the new blog design! I also didn't know you were trying to quit your addiction, nice work on that. I'm taking fish oil every day for my future babies and I wish it tasted more like cupcakes.