Update: Buckley Goes Home!

yay for happy reunions! "Buckley's" mom called me this afternoon frantically hoping I had her beagle, and I did!!! She was so, so thankful. She told me her four year old daughter had asked her, "Did Jesus take Buckley?" NO! I did! Turns out he sleeps in their bed every night & he was sorely missed. Ah, my day's work is complete. Maybe I should take the rest of the week off. Maybe I should have an action figure/comic book series named after me. Lost Pet Avenger?


I found this pooch ambling towards SE 42nd (busy road!) last night. No collar. I have posted on multnomah & clackamas county lost dog sites + craigslist. Why has no one claimed this kind fellow??? He is super sweet and very interested in Annie cat, who does not appreciate the attention. I am hoping someone claims this dog soon. Otherwise this will be re-blogged with the title: FREE TO A GOOD HOME.



+ =

Ruckeroo stayed at my parents Sunday night. As is typical, I got a late evening call from mom explaining some horrifying situation regarding the dog which had come up, and then been rectified to her satisfaction. She does this so I don't freak out, but I usually do anyhow. She called to tell me Rucker had been sprayed by a skunk. And he was so sick from the smell he was foaming (the word she used) at the mouth, but that she had called her neighbor for advice & luckily found a gallon of tomato juice (unused from a previous brunch featuring bloody mary's) and used that to rinse him, and so now he looks a little pink (but only on his white hair), and then she rinsed him with hydrogen peroxide, and then finally with baking soda- which seems to have made him itch but now he is just fine and no longer smells at all like skunk. Phew! All in one sentence- just like it came out of her mouth.
Poor Rucker. I think there was still some of the white skunk stripe on his back, and he probably recognized the skunk as a fellow dog-been-painted-like-a-skunk-by-its-owner, only to find that this little doggy was equipped with a ferocious smell sprayer.
For the record, he is home, he is not rabid, and he doesn't really look pink. Thankfully the one thing Mom got right is that he doesn't smell so bad anymore :)


Luke Turns 29

These are just a FEW pics from Luke & Patty's bday tonight. Check back tomorrow for more installments!

Luke wore a mullet wig for 80's night - which is WAY better than MC Hammer pants. For photos he posed with beer and cigarettes. He was 80's white trash- i was more 80's punky brewster. A daring duo. Best of all, he periodically said one of two phrases throughout the evening:

1. "Business in the front, party in the back." (while running his fingers through his hair)
2. "Don't tell my heart. My achy breaky heart."
Here he is sans white trash accessories. And who is that sexy 80's babe???? And where did she get those hot tights???

The whole gang...
Game room at Milwaukie Bowl.


One Wish.

I was home sick today. Feeling icky. And anxious too because I have not gotten outfits yet for Luke & I for this Saturday's 80's birthday bowling bonanza. It is Luke & sister-cuz Patty's bday & to celebrate we're rockin the 80's. But not if I don't find a good costume. And the one thing I really want is for luke to wear the outfit shown below. But he refuses.


Foul, Foul, Foul.

There are a lot of reasons I am proud to be a Middlebrooks. This family is LOYAL, God-loving, and collectively has a great sense of humor and fun. There is however, one source of toe-curling shame. In fact, it quite literally is their toes. Dick Middlebrooks, patriarch, has passed on one genetic characteristic to his offspring that is not giving them any advantages when it comes to wearing sandals (not that that stops most of them...). If, per chance, they needed to clutch salmon in their talons like eagles, or wrap their gangly toes around a branch for perching- the toes would make genetic sense. So far as we can tell, this physical trait seems useless- unless it truly provides superior balance (much like a kick-stand on a bike) as Chris claims...

What I'll ask you to focus on in the documentation below, is the curious downward angle of the big toe. I'm not sure if it is a double joint or just an unusually large knuckle.... but the risk is clear: my future children have a 50% chance of inheriting these talon-toes....

Chris doesn't think this photo-journalistic effort will win me any blog awards...
Katie asked that I not be so eager to tarnish the family name or toes

(Dick, Luke & Kimberly did not wish to comment)
Ew. He's pointing it for the camera, but even in it's natural, relaxed state the big toe points decidedly down. Like it's bracing the foot for each step.
I would tell you whose foot this is but I'm ashamed at the length of his toenail & will not associate myself.
Side angle. Are you beginning to see what I mean?
Example of "talon toe" in the female gender of the species. You can see that some females elect to celebrate the big knuckle by painting & ornamenting the toes. Females are also known to accentuate said toes by donning sandals, flip-flops, or in some cases, going barefoot (gulp.)
ah! A whole tribe of talon toes!
Well...at least they're attached to cute faces :)

Love you guys.

PS- Kimberly asked me to add this note to my blog:

"Kimberly seems to exhibit the least "hook-like" of the talon toe clan. Her talon's are much less pronounced, and therefore she should legitimately have been excluded from this public bashing and humiliation. Repeated for clarity: Kimberly does not have [super bad] talon toes."

PPS- Sara Middlebrooks (married in) is not a carrier of the talon-toe gene. She takes a little more pride in this than she should- since obviously her 50% of toe DNA was beat out and squashed by the more dominant Middlebrooks talon toe gene. And Sara's no twinkle toes herself- her feet may warrant a future post all their own.

Sheila & Stacey's Double Baby Shower

The Middlebrooks family hosted a shower this weekend for Sheila & Stacey- two sis in law's who are both pregnant with boys!! Sheila is due in 3 weeks & Stacey is due 1/1/09!

Liz & Sheila, feeling Harrison kick

Pregnant ladies love cake

Stacey & Aunt Steph

Natalie- soon to be big sis to Harrison!

Guests of honor

All 3 prego girls- Kate, Stacey & Sheila

Stacey & her mom Kathy


Brutha Luvas

I'm not sure what concerns me more: chris touching luke like that, or luke enjoying it that much.

Prego Sista

Katie is home for the weekend! She came home to help host a shower for cousins Stacey & Sheila (both pregnant with boys!) and of course to show of her growing bump- which is courtesy of baby Savannah Joy!

Kim, Kate & Christina

Me & Cassandra

Cassandra & Gillian

Katie, doing the oompa loompa dance in an adult "onesie" which she found in a bin of Reina's old maternity clothes. Lots of cute clothes but this one did not make the cut. We made her try it on & for some reason she couldn't help but do this dance!

We are BEGGING her to wear this home on the plane for her husband to see when he picks her up...but she is a sissy & won't do it.


Our NEW old House!

We're staying. We're not moving. It's like the episode on Full House where the Tanner's get a million dollar offer on their house, and they're getting ready to move, but then they can the whole thing when they realize their memories in the home are more important than the money. Except we had no million dollar offer. In reality, we feel like we kinda made a late decision to move, and rather than put it on the market in the fall we'll reconsider next spring. So a little bit of a bummer, but our house looks so much nicer now that it makes me happy to come home to it!
Check out the kick ass paint job and the new shade of red on the door.



Oh gosh. As we've been painting our house for the last month we turn up the radio in the house so we can hear it outside while we paint. We've had it on country, which seems mostly agreeable to me and somewhat agreeable to luke. And that is as close as a compromise as we could reach. Anyhow, they've been playing this song called "Chicken Fried" which is by the Zac Brown Band. I LOVE THIS SONG. You can watch it on youtube...


Big Fish

My uncle is building a house on a lake in Washington. My dad was up there recently helping him build, and baited a puny fishing pole & stuck it in the ground. When he next checked he'd caught this big trout- the biggest he's ever caught! Being the nice guy he is, he released the trout back into the wild. Lucky fish!