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Ruckeroo stayed at my parents Sunday night. As is typical, I got a late evening call from mom explaining some horrifying situation regarding the dog which had come up, and then been rectified to her satisfaction. She does this so I don't freak out, but I usually do anyhow. She called to tell me Rucker had been sprayed by a skunk. And he was so sick from the smell he was foaming (the word she used) at the mouth, but that she had called her neighbor for advice & luckily found a gallon of tomato juice (unused from a previous brunch featuring bloody mary's) and used that to rinse him, and so now he looks a little pink (but only on his white hair), and then she rinsed him with hydrogen peroxide, and then finally with baking soda- which seems to have made him itch but now he is just fine and no longer smells at all like skunk. Phew! All in one sentence- just like it came out of her mouth.
Poor Rucker. I think there was still some of the white skunk stripe on his back, and he probably recognized the skunk as a fellow dog-been-painted-like-a-skunk-by-its-owner, only to find that this little doggy was equipped with a ferocious smell sprayer.
For the record, he is home, he is not rabid, and he doesn't really look pink. Thankfully the one thing Mom got right is that he doesn't smell so bad anymore :)


Ben & Tera said...

Poor doogie. I think pink would suit him though.

Ben & Tera said...

doggie. I do know how to spell.

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Ah...ruckaroo! That is a very common mistake made by doggies, I am sure. He was love sick and he followed his heart. It happens. Love stinks.

Ashley Marie said...

Better your dog than mine =) Hehe. Just kidding!

Patty & Jack said...

Oh poor Rucker!