Halloween Costume

This is what I'm wearing to work tomorrow. I'm going as a pregnant teenager from milwaukie dressed as a jack-o-lantern.


My Palette

Ah the nursery. I have some definite nursery style preferences, and they are not winnie the pooh/mickey mouse/precious moments. Some of it is wrought from laziness- not too long ago we painted the room a golden brownish taupe color. Which is a perfectly respectable (if not traditional) nursery color. The furniture will be black, and the very loose theme will be bumble bees and black bears. I have not found a bedding set I like, so I will enlist Grammy K (mom) to assist in the baby quilt making. Plus we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl, so bees and bears seems relatively gender neuteral- plus it will be a room I can live with.
The picture I think I will buy- how cute!

Not the exact crib, but the right color!

Fabric for the quilt

wall color & curtains. The lighting didn't work very well- both are warm colors. The curtains are maybe a bit girly, but I'm expecting a girl so what can go wrong?


Today I am wearing maternity pants! I am wearing my bella band (like a deflated tummy innertube for pregnant girls) to help keep them up, but I am telling you they are SO comfortable. Now technically I can still wear my regular pants, but I have REALLY been excited to wear maternity pants so here I am, in the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. And they're cute! And they were cheap!

I want to walk around & pull up my shirt to show my co-workers, but they wouldn't care and some might be mildly offended (or jealous they cannot eat as much as they want for lunch w/o their waistband digging in!) I took extra time putting all these tummy panels on today after I was done working out. I desperately wanted someone to say: OH! you're pregnant! But no one did.

I was so bursting with the maternity pants news that I told a woman I just met in the bathroom today that I was wearing maternity pants. (for the record, she mentioned she heard I was pregnant so it was not totally out of context that I would mention I was wearing maternity pants) For dramatic effect I even touched my tummy lovingly like you see really pregnant girls do. It was a bit of a farce though b/c I put my hand on my belly button, and I know for a fact that this little fetus is right behind my pelvic bone, but I cannot very well go around lovingly patting my crotch can I? No.

So maybe tonight I'll take some pictures of my giant panel pants for the blog.


guys & DOLLS

I went to my first ever play saturday! Patty & I posed for a quick picture before we left to meet up w/Aunt Jenny, Sara, CB & Grama Jo. I had so much fun- it was totally entertaining - the music & costumes were great. Also....for the first time, I unbuttoned my jeans during the play. Ah the relief. Luckily I remembered to re-button before the lights came back up :)

thick in the middle - 13 weeks

I got some GREAT clothes & kids books at Becky Bunch's Cousins Closet sale this weekend! you can see behind me in the pic our dining room is overloaded with ridiculous amounts of baby stuff.


The Slot Machine of Life

I was tired of seeing that hideous pregnant couple on my blog every time I logged on, so I decided to post some oldies. I've been wondering what my baby will look like. It is a pretty big gamble. ...what if our son has an affinity for hot pink & LA Gear???

how can you resist the little smile!?

Back off. This was 1983 --- when boy hair cuts, boy shirts, and red boy wristwatches were very much in style.

Luke loving his little sister katie- what a sweet boy!

Future NRA member. Note the horse I'm riding was hand built by my dad. He says he's building the grandbaby a playhouse. Which trumps a horse, but whatever.

This is my favorite kid-luke picture ever. how cute is he with his little bowl haircut & tube socks?!
DADDY KISSES- I cannot wait to see my husband become a dad, and my dad become a grandpa. And of course Dick "Are You Glowing Yet" Middlebrooks- who will be a grandpa to the 6th degree! Hopefully he imparts his...er, sense of humor on the kid...


Am I Glowing Yet?

Lately when I am experiencing a less-than-my-best moment (during which I may act uncharacteristically irrational, emotional, or insane), my husband likes to ask, "When are you supposed to start glowing?" He thinks this is funny, and my father in law thinks it is even funnier.

I was trying to find a "glowing pregnant woman" pic for this blog, and I came across 3 I couldn't resist....

He is so, so, SO happy. He can barely stand it. And by the looks of it, she can barely stand him.

these girls are thrilled about the maternity tents they get to wear. Indifferent about their babies, but really happy about the tents and panel pants.

I don't even know what sort of caption to add here. But I keep showing this picture to luke to scare him, and it is working.


Of Vanity and Pregnancy

As of yesterday, I am 12 weeks pregnant! woohoo!

My pencil-thin sis Katie started posting tummy shots at 12 weeks. I scoffed and ridiculed. WHAT TUMMY? Well at 12 weeks I feel more justified posting pics because there is abundantly more tummy. Not more baby. More tummy :)

Anyhow, I could slap this picture on my blog, call it 12 weeks, and leave it at that. But I cannot tell a lie. This is picture #18 in a series of shots that moved through 3 rooms of the house after 3 uploads proved the prior shots were not good enough. For every photo of myself I blog, there are about 99 not so good shots sitting on my hard drive never to be shared publicly. I think this is typical of most girls. But add pregnancy to the mix, and things get more complicated.

A list of things considered during my self-photo shoot:
1. Suck it in. No wait- your stomach is supposed to stick out. Hang loose.
2. Ok, not that loose, tighten it up a bit. That's better.
3. Don't look at the viewfinder, look at the flash.
4. Wait- hide the plate of cheese and apples in the background, you cheese monger.
5. Let's see that tummy without the shirt!
6. On second thought....keep your clothes on.
7. Smile bigger.
8. Arms:
a) leave them at your sides
b) try holding them up
c) put them on your hips but don't arch your back so much- you're not THAT pregnant.

Post Production Thoughts:
1. Darn. It is blurry but it is the best shot I've got. Wait- is it the best one BECAUSE it is blurry? next time I'll take the photos with a paper bag on my head and the lights off. pout.
2. Did you think about brushing your hair before you spent all this time taking pics?
3. Well...this is a really good photo....but this was maybe of the "suck it in" series....
4. Purple shirt + red door=clash
7. Give it up. Just pick one and post it.

Ah, maybe week 13 will go smoother.

PS: my husband will cringe when he reads this. He'll say I'm being too self depricating. He'll say this is the blog equivalent of "Does this make me look fat?" So I will add this: Truly I have never felt more special and beautiful and proud. My daily mantra: I'm not bloating, I'm blooming :)


Strong Heartbeat!!!

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat this afternoon- it was so amazing!!! Tomorrow I am officially 12 weeks, which is the last week in the first trimester!!


For Kristen Pitstick

In Dublin, Kristen & I enjoyed this delicious striped cheese every morning at the breakfast buffet. After much searching, I gave up on finding this delicious cheese. I even googled "irish striped cheddar" and no dice. Imagine my surprise and delight when this afternoon I spotted my "cheese that got away" in ALBERTSONS of all places!?! It is a English cheese and it is described as "layered." But now I don't need to google it b/c I can just buy it at Albertsons. It is amazing.

My hair looks crazy b/c I had just napped for 3 hours, and no, I did not eat the whole thing.

Best $8.99 I've Spent

3 of 4 nieces & nephews were over on Saturday. The girls had fun going through the baby-to-be clothing....

....until they found Luke's mullet wig. Best $8.99 I've spent in a long time...

Best Sick Night

I am sick. I feel icky and achy and tired and stuffed up. So I came home from work and slept for three hours. And here's how I know I'm really sick: I cancelled super fun plans with friends for dinner & a movie. Instead I stopped at the store for some cheese (which cures all that ails you). I went to the library and blockbuster and came home and I'm snuggled up on the couch with luke for the long haul. It isn't so bad to feel sick when you can hibernate like I intend to do. After the movie I am going to make hot chocolate and get in bed to read. ahhhh.


Update...for mike's benefit

1. Did I BLEED over the project? yes. I got a papercut. (Ok, that is a lie.)
2. Luke is not the one suffering here. At least not directly...
3. american-O. I wouldn't want to eat american's either. Maybe Canadians- i bet they'd taste like maple syrup.
4. YAHOO! - I cannot wait.

Things I am THANKFUL for!

1. My project (2 years of blood sweat & tears) went live this weekend!! SUCCESSFULLY!!! We're working out a few kinks- but for the most part we were very successful! I am so proud and excited and thankful.
2. I am starting to feel like a happier pregnant girl! I am starting to get my energy back, and coffee tastes GOOD again (decaf!).
3. In regards to point 2, my FAVORITE starbucks drink (american w/gingerbread syrup) debuts 11/1.
4. I have a dr's appt on Thursday- hopefully we'll hear a strong, loud heartbeat! I'm anxious to know things are going ok!


BABY Middlebrooks!!!

Woohoo!!! We're pregnant! Now that I'm blogging about this it really feels official!
Luke & I are expecting our first baby on May 1, 2009. That seems like a lifetime from now- how will I wait for soooo long? We're 11 weeks pregnant & 2 weeks ago got to see our baby for the first time. See that spot on the top left? That is my child's HUGE brain. Baby waved at us with it's left hand, so Luke is convinced this baby is a left handed BOY. I guess we'll find out in about 7 months!!!

We are thrilled. I have never felt so special or blessed. I'm starting to get some energy back I think, which is welcomed. I have been a slug the last few months so I'm ready for this second trimester thing- just a few weeks away!

Hannah & Thomas' Wedding

Ok, so I am ashamed to say I have several pics of ME with the bride, and ZERO of the bride & her groom. Oops. This was maybe the most beautiful wedding I've ever gone to. It was in the octagonal barn at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, and it was all lit up with twinkle lights & candles. So romantic!

This is the back of Hannah's custom made gown. SO beautiful- I've never seen her look more beautiful- she was glowing!

The Stephens/Blankenship crew

Hannah & Shalee

Me & luke!



Sunday morning as I was getting into the shower I noticed the hot water was NOT warming up. I checked the other faucets & no luck. NO HOT WATER. This was not a good start to the day. Luckily and thankfully my dad & brother are BOTH plumbers. I called them, but neither answered. I even googled "broken hot water heater," but to no avail- it said call a plumber. Luke turned off the gas & water to the hot water heater which at least stopped the leak.

Around 2 pm Jack called to say that we may have to stay in a hotel for a few days b/c we would have NO water at all- they had to re-do a huge amount of the plumbing. Something about galvanized pipes and corrosion. And the potential need to tear into a few walls to get to the pipes. I didn't believe him so he put Dad on who started to agree, and then gave in and told me the truth: they'd already been out to my house, to home depot, and installed our brand new water heater! phew. It was a mean joke Jack played on me. Good thing Dad doesn't quite have the heart to cause me so much distress!

Big big big thanks to my dad & brother who came to our rescue (same day on a Sunday, no less) and saved the day. Honestly I do not know what I'd do without them. Shiver under a cold shower probably :) love you guys!


I Love This

This is so, so perfect. Ears back because he knows he's a bad dog, but still digging because he cannot help himself. Rucker has given me this look a thousand times.