Am I Glowing Yet?

Lately when I am experiencing a less-than-my-best moment (during which I may act uncharacteristically irrational, emotional, or insane), my husband likes to ask, "When are you supposed to start glowing?" He thinks this is funny, and my father in law thinks it is even funnier.

I was trying to find a "glowing pregnant woman" pic for this blog, and I came across 3 I couldn't resist....

He is so, so, SO happy. He can barely stand it. And by the looks of it, she can barely stand him.

these girls are thrilled about the maternity tents they get to wear. Indifferent about their babies, but really happy about the tents and panel pants.

I don't even know what sort of caption to add here. But I keep showing this picture to luke to scare him, and it is working.


Ashley Marie said...

LOL! I love the third one!!! BWAHAHAHA

Patty & Jack said...

I can't wait to wear tents!!!

Anonymous said...

You glow immediately after the baby is born and before you start to lose too much sleep. Glowing also occurs when you lay on the couch with the baby, watching your favorite tv program and Luke is cleaning and cooking you dinner!!!! Love mom