Of Vanity and Pregnancy

As of yesterday, I am 12 weeks pregnant! woohoo!

My pencil-thin sis Katie started posting tummy shots at 12 weeks. I scoffed and ridiculed. WHAT TUMMY? Well at 12 weeks I feel more justified posting pics because there is abundantly more tummy. Not more baby. More tummy :)

Anyhow, I could slap this picture on my blog, call it 12 weeks, and leave it at that. But I cannot tell a lie. This is picture #18 in a series of shots that moved through 3 rooms of the house after 3 uploads proved the prior shots were not good enough. For every photo of myself I blog, there are about 99 not so good shots sitting on my hard drive never to be shared publicly. I think this is typical of most girls. But add pregnancy to the mix, and things get more complicated.

A list of things considered during my self-photo shoot:
1. Suck it in. No wait- your stomach is supposed to stick out. Hang loose.
2. Ok, not that loose, tighten it up a bit. That's better.
3. Don't look at the viewfinder, look at the flash.
4. Wait- hide the plate of cheese and apples in the background, you cheese monger.
5. Let's see that tummy without the shirt!
6. On second thought....keep your clothes on.
7. Smile bigger.
8. Arms:
a) leave them at your sides
b) try holding them up
c) put them on your hips but don't arch your back so much- you're not THAT pregnant.

Post Production Thoughts:
1. Darn. It is blurry but it is the best shot I've got. Wait- is it the best one BECAUSE it is blurry? next time I'll take the photos with a paper bag on my head and the lights off. pout.
2. Did you think about brushing your hair before you spent all this time taking pics?
3. Well...this is a really good photo....but this was maybe of the "suck it in" series....
4. Purple shirt + red door=clash
7. Give it up. Just pick one and post it.

Ah, maybe week 13 will go smoother.

PS: my husband will cringe when he reads this. He'll say I'm being too self depricating. He'll say this is the blog equivalent of "Does this make me look fat?" So I will add this: Truly I have never felt more special and beautiful and proud. My daily mantra: I'm not bloating, I'm blooming :)


Ashley Marie said...

AHHH!I am quite possibly the most excited Auntie there ever was! Your little tum is looking great! Not to mention, whether you believe it or not, the rest of you is looking thin! I can tell you're prego and not just fat! haha! Yay! I am so excited..I just snorted b/c I'm giggly so much!

Patty & Jack said...

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and rub your tummy!!!

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Look at Myukie!!! (I have adopted that name because I think it's cute). You look great Michelle...you are so beautiful. FYI, it kind of looks like you are wearing a pilgrim hat because of your door :) Just one more thing to think about for next week!!!

Kristen said...

You look amazing! Absolutely amazing. I love reading your blog because it's so honest. I remember feeling all those same things! Can't wait to watch that little bump grow!

Kelly & Tony said...

Yay for little baby tummies! You look great!

Peaby said...

Great pic - and not because it's blurry. you look extremely happy.

Shawn and Ellie said...

You are so funny and make me laugh! You look so great and happy Shelly! You are going to be the cutest prego Momma ever! :-)