Update...for mike's benefit

1. Did I BLEED over the project? yes. I got a papercut. (Ok, that is a lie.)
2. Luke is not the one suffering here. At least not directly...
3. american-O. I wouldn't want to eat american's either. Maybe Canadians- i bet they'd taste like maple syrup.
4. YAHOO! - I cannot wait.


Peaby said...


Christian said...

look here. luke is suffering. as the wise ray ramano says, "it's not uterI, it's uterUS". have some compassion.

secondly, i'm sending out a chiefs shirt for baby middlebrooks. it'll take a while to get there because it's a special order. chiefs logo on the front. on the back, "i was conceived the same year that the chiefs sucked really bad and won just one game, but at least they beat the stupid, stupid broncos."