Luke holding 2nd cousin, Baby Harrison

My favorite picture- mostly because Kim is .5 of the way in it

Tera & Taylor- cleaning up tomatoes


Chris & a tired Thomas

18 weeks

Baby is getting big!!


Things I Dislike

1. When you get to the gym and realize you forgot shorts.
2. When there are 19 open stalls in the bathroom, and someone sits down in the stall next to you. It is poor bathroom etiquette. I do not like to pee in proximity to anyone else.
3. When someone tries to strike up a conversation when you are peeing. It is just weird. It's probably good I am not a boy because I think they talk to each other all the time at the urinals. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.
4. When you get food to go, get all the way home, and they screwed up your order.
5. The smell of oyster stuffing [gag]
6. When my dog rolls in geese poop at the park


Tres Turkeys

Luke & I are about to leave for our thursday thanksgiving. We also have a Friday and a Saturday thanksgiving. I am triple-thankful for 3 turkey dinners, and the fact that I am pregnant which I intend to use to my full advantage. Hope Baby likes turkey!!!!!


My Birthday....High Expectations

Luke & I SUCK at birthdays. I can never think of a good gift for him...and usually I tell him not to worry about my present, and then when I don't get one I get mad. This year I decided to circumvent the expectations & disappointment by taking my birthday into my own hands. I should have done this years ago. Here's what we're doing for my 28th birthday:

1. We're both taking the day off work
2. We have our 20 week ultrasound at 12:40- then we get to take the TRAM (which I have been wanting to do) to our regular dr appt at OHSU
3. For dinner we're going on the Portland Spirit Christmas Boat dinner cruise! Also something I've been wanting to do!

Should be a blast, assuming my baby doesn't have 2 heads, the tram doesn't crash, and the boat doesn't sink :) :)


17 weeks (and 32 and 34!)

3 pregnant women in one family! This was taken after Kate's baby shower (sadly I missed it b/c of the funeral). Stacey is 34 weeks, Katie is 32 weeks, and I'm 17.

Granny's Funeral

Granny's funeral was Saturday. She had quite the hat collection (she was part of the red hatter's society) and to honor her all the women in the family wore one of her hats to the service. What a sad thing- so many tears. But it was amazing to see the turn out too- and people who were there to pay their respects & support my family- nearly everyone on my dad's side came, and my in-laws too. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive family. I think Granny was well honored!


Baby M @ 17 weeks

Today we're 17 weeks prego, and my baby is as long as my open hand. He/She weighs 5 oz- the size of 2 and a half snickers bars!

This is not my hand, or my snickers. But I wish it was.


My Granny

My Granny died yesterday of a stroke. She got to see her children before she died, and a priest which was important to her. She will be sorely missed here on earth but there is such peace in knowing she is with God & reunited with her husband who died nearly 30 years ago. I love you Granny!

my favorite pet photos



As I was driving home from church today I saw a little dog run across Tacoma (a very busy street). I pulled over and in attempting to lure the dog to me I scared it & he ran back across Tacoma! Yikes! Luckily he didn't get squashed. I chased him and guess where he ran? 2 blocks back to his porch. A nice lady helped me call the number on his tag and sure enough I heard the phone inside ringing. The lady who opened the door said, "Tacoma?!? Oh I didn't realize he went that far- thank you so much!!" This annoys me because it makes me think she knowingly let her dog out. GRRR.

Anyhow, this was one considerate "lost" dog to run straight back to his house! His name was Bird.

4 months!

This is what I do when I want to guilt luke into doing the vacuuming. My back does not really hurt.


My Changing Body

Being pregnant is a little like going through puberty. In both cases, people warn you: "Your body is changing. Some things about your changing body may scare you or confuse you. Don't worry. It is totally natural and everyone goes through it. You are blossoming into a young (or fat pregnant) woman."

While I've been pregnant I've continued to run, albeit a significantly slower pace and less distance. I've been running 2-4 times a week, usually between 3 and 5 miles. My pace has gotten slower and slower. My pre-pregnant pace was around 9-10 minute mile. Today I hit an all time low:

4 miles at 11:54 pace. Ouch. Some people pogo-stick faster than that.

Last saturday I ran 5.1 miles at 10:47 pace, so I'm writing today off as a fluke- or maybe my Nike Plus was out of whack today.


Baby's Heartbeat!

This is a quick little video we took of our baby's heartbeat today- there are times when there is a wooshing sound & that is the little baby kicking!! I cannot feel him or her yet-- but it was so amazing to hear the heartbeat & the kicks!!!


Me & Dad

picture courtesy of patty's blog :)



I don't know that this will show up very well, but I'm doing my benefits enrollment, and opted for a higher amount of life insurance. The application requires you to list any medical issues (HIV, AIDS, cancer, organ transplants, etc). At the end it asks if I am now pregnant. Upon answering YES, it prompts me for "Description of injury, disorder, and operations." Then it asked the final result, date, and duration. Good grief. Thanks to huge advances in medical technology, birth is not considered life threatening these days. Here's how I answered:


Baby Booty

I took some pics of some the baby stuff we've aqcuired, including things for the baby's room!

Black star, to go in the black & yellowish/gold/brown room.

Bassinett for the bedroom, now stuffed to the brim w/baby clothes, and the bottom half is a breast feeding pillow, baby bath, and baby carrier (thanks mom!)

My favorite thing for the nursery so far- a picture of dancing bears- how cute! And the perfect curtains for the room.
My mother in law got me this deluxe car seat- the thing has side impact cushioning for the baby's head & a roll bar to keep the car seat stable in an accident. I love it!

Honey bee accessories from E-bay, the loose them of the baby's room will be black bears & bees.

15 weeks

Bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look at frosty go.....

Voting in the Rain

Last Tuesday Rucker & I embarked on an adventure- we ran to the library to drop off our ballot. But it was pouring down rain & dark, so we lit up for safety- rucker wore my reflective vest & I wore a flashing light.


The Ugliest Thing I've Ever Done

Today I went to the gym for sculpt class- a class that mixes weights and cardio and always kicks my butt. When I walked in I noticed it was all girls, and none of them had weights or benches. Apparently the first friday of each month is now dedicated to ZUMBA- the dance cardio class you have seen on infomercials if ever you find yourself in front of a tv at 3 am.

I had the panicked reaction of a caged animal. RUN! HIDE! TAKE COVER! But instead I stuck it out. How bad could 60 minutes of latin/hip-hop/belly dancing be in front of a giant mirrored wall in a glass room looking straight out into the gym's occupied treadmills, stair steppers, and bikes????

It was without a doubt the ugliest thing I've ever done. And I've done some ugly things- backyard pond fish resuscitation. Running up the off ramp of the Ross Island Bridge for a stray dog. Puking as I crossed the finish line of the Portland Marathon in front of THOUSANDS of people. But this was worse.

The first thing I did was change spots further into the middle of the pack so I wasn't too close to the mirrors or windows. Then I made sure no co-workers were around. When the music started and before the teachers started, many of the "elite zumba-ers" started bopping around. Some of them wore tight shirts and baggy hip hop pants. One girl had her midriff bared. Some even had on earrings. I had on a mismatched pink/orange/blue/white spandex ensemble that is becoming increasingly too tight (though in my defense I was NOT expecting to be zumba-ing when I packed my bag).

I started to sweat. Not from exertion- just from anxiety. I'm not one to "free style" bee bopping around. I pretended to stretch, waiting for the teachers to tell us to do something. Thankfully they started up quickly. Then it got too quick. Everyone goes left, and I go right. Everyone claps on the beat and I am two seconds too soon. Everyone gets the very VERY subtle signs the teacher gives that means shuffle shuffle hop, spin and clap. Seriously- how do these girls know how to do this? And how come when they do the 'bend down, shake your boobs and ass tap your toes and then clap' it looks fun and sexy, and when I do it it makes me look like God forgot to give me joints? They were probably cheer leaders in high school, or maybe they are all strippers. So they have dance moves and earn tips, but I have my ideals.

Sigh. There were actually some girls who sucked just as bad as I did. And judging by the amount I perspired, it was a darn good workout. And it was actually a little fun. So I might try it next month. By then my bump should be big enough so that people attribute my clumsiness and lack of rhythm to pregnancy. Ah, if only I could fool myself into believing that was the problem....


Last night I went to see my friends Kate & Tammy. Kate is an arbonne representative, and she swears by this serum & lotion that will help minimize my future stretchmarks. I was super eager to get started on my anti-stretch mark regimen so I went home & applied liberally. I have been assured by all sorts of pregnancy books that there is nothing you can do about stretch marks, but Kate says this stuff will be good for my skin regardless of whether it prevents stretch marks or not. I'm willing to go out on a limb, so I bought the stuff. It smells delightful. I emailed Kate & Tammy this morning to tell them that I used the product, and here is what Tammy emailed back:

I have to tell you this. My boss who’s been cooped up in his office with the door closed all week. Was actually at my desk showing me how to run one of his reports, when your email came through. So the little email window pops up and all you could read was All I could do was stare at the screen

"I went home, stripped down in the TV room, turned on grey’s anatomy & SLATHERED myself with serum"

LOL!!All I could do was stare at the screen and try not to laugh. Sometimes he doesn’t have a sense of humor and I thought explaining it would be to lengthy. LOLOL!!

Sorry about that Tammy! :) :) In context it was not so dirty sounding :) :)


Art the Dog

Today at lunch some out of town co-workers told me they are staying at Hotel Monaco downtown (http://www.monaco-portland.com/monpmn_pet.html) and that there is a dog, Art, who greets guests and walks them to their rooms!!??? How adorable is that? Apparently they also offer you a pet goldfish for the duration of your stay- and they take care of feeding it each day for you. The fish is to keep you company, and Art is there to welcome you & your pet guests if you bring them along. I love love love dogs, and if I had any need for temporary shelter in this city I would stay at this hotel just because of Art. In fact, I think an even BETTER idea would be a hotel who lent you a doggie for the night to keep you company. When I travel I miss my dog a ton and if I could have a borrowed dog to snuggle I wouldn't feel so lonely. For the record I do miss luke too- but i can talk to him on the phone at least whereas rucker doesn't converse well via phone.

Thankful for Something New

They say pregnancy changes EVERYTHING! It changes your priorities, your goals, your relationships. They say while pregnant you simultaneously want to kill your husband and shower him with undying affection (ok, well I'm not sure if they really say that). I look at my husband in a new light- I see him for the dad he will be and it makes me love him in a totally new way. They say it changes your relationship with your parents because for the first time in your life you will finally realize how much they love YOU as a parent does their child. And not unexpectedly, it changes your relationship with God. Since I've been pregnant I have never been more thankful or felt more blessed- but yesterday in church I had a whole new realization. I was taking communion and as I did I reflected on how I am thankful to Jesus for my salvation and assurance of eternity in heaven. And it occurred to me, that Jesus also died to save my baby! I know this is not a new concept - Christ died for all people - but he made a sacrifice for my child. And that made me see him a whole new light. I've always been thankful for MY salvation- but when I think about how Jesus died for my mom and dad and husband and baby- wow- that makes me even more thankful. It is like if someone healed your sibling from disease, or granted your hard working parents early retirement, or donated an organ to your friend-or assured them eternity in heaven- you would be so thankful on their behalf, and that is the new way I am thankful to my God.


The imposter officer

The real deal
Ash, Sarah & I!


Halloween night

Ash & I smooching for the camera

Me & Ash getting ready to go to the Zac Brown Band concert with Sarah. It was AWESOME!!! Everyone was dressed up (well...except us) and we had our pic taken with Officer Dangles (Reno 911) but it is on Sarah's camera so we'll have to post that later!

14 weeks

What is a lucky coincidence? When your 14 week mark falls on halloween, for which you are dressed up in your hoochie mama top for a concert!