Baby Booty

I took some pics of some the baby stuff we've aqcuired, including things for the baby's room!

Black star, to go in the black & yellowish/gold/brown room.

Bassinett for the bedroom, now stuffed to the brim w/baby clothes, and the bottom half is a breast feeding pillow, baby bath, and baby carrier (thanks mom!)

My favorite thing for the nursery so far- a picture of dancing bears- how cute! And the perfect curtains for the room.
My mother in law got me this deluxe car seat- the thing has side impact cushioning for the baby's head & a roll bar to keep the car seat stable in an accident. I love it!

Honey bee accessories from E-bay, the loose them of the baby's room will be black bears & bees.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I can't wait to see everything put together! I love the theme, very gender neutral!

Jessica said...

I like the stuff that you have picked for the nursery! It's cute and defiantly unique! I was wondering what items you are still going to need and what you will want. Is there a place where you will be creating a registry?