As I was driving home from church today I saw a little dog run across Tacoma (a very busy street). I pulled over and in attempting to lure the dog to me I scared it & he ran back across Tacoma! Yikes! Luckily he didn't get squashed. I chased him and guess where he ran? 2 blocks back to his porch. A nice lady helped me call the number on his tag and sure enough I heard the phone inside ringing. The lady who opened the door said, "Tacoma?!? Oh I didn't realize he went that far- thank you so much!!" This annoys me because it makes me think she knowingly let her dog out. GRRR.

Anyhow, this was one considerate "lost" dog to run straight back to his house! His name was Bird.

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Patty & Jack said...

She shouldn't have a dog!