My Birthday....High Expectations

Luke & I SUCK at birthdays. I can never think of a good gift for him...and usually I tell him not to worry about my present, and then when I don't get one I get mad. This year I decided to circumvent the expectations & disappointment by taking my birthday into my own hands. I should have done this years ago. Here's what we're doing for my 28th birthday:

1. We're both taking the day off work
2. We have our 20 week ultrasound at 12:40- then we get to take the TRAM (which I have been wanting to do) to our regular dr appt at OHSU
3. For dinner we're going on the Portland Spirit Christmas Boat dinner cruise! Also something I've been wanting to do!

Should be a blast, assuming my baby doesn't have 2 heads, the tram doesn't crash, and the boat doesn't sink :) :)


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I love it! That is a wonderful idea.

Patty & Jack said...

best birthday ever!

Ashley Marie said...

Can I come?

Ben & Tera said...

Take pictures for sure!

Anonymous said...

Way to have a cup half full, Michelle! I"m sure you baby doesn't have 2 heads.

Anonymous said...

If it has two heads - than you might as well have a good stiff drink!! Can't do too much more damage. Anyway, the baby will be just fine. It might even wave to you! Love ya. mom