Last night I went to see my friends Kate & Tammy. Kate is an arbonne representative, and she swears by this serum & lotion that will help minimize my future stretchmarks. I was super eager to get started on my anti-stretch mark regimen so I went home & applied liberally. I have been assured by all sorts of pregnancy books that there is nothing you can do about stretch marks, but Kate says this stuff will be good for my skin regardless of whether it prevents stretch marks or not. I'm willing to go out on a limb, so I bought the stuff. It smells delightful. I emailed Kate & Tammy this morning to tell them that I used the product, and here is what Tammy emailed back:

I have to tell you this. My boss who’s been cooped up in his office with the door closed all week. Was actually at my desk showing me how to run one of his reports, when your email came through. So the little email window pops up and all you could read was All I could do was stare at the screen

"I went home, stripped down in the TV room, turned on grey’s anatomy & SLATHERED myself with serum"

LOL!!All I could do was stare at the screen and try not to laugh. Sometimes he doesn’t have a sense of humor and I thought explaining it would be to lengthy. LOLOL!!

Sorry about that Tammy! :) :) In context it was not so dirty sounding :) :)


K Pitty said...

haha - too stinking funny!!! Can't wait to see you!! 13 days until PDX! :)

Kate said...

That is way too funny!

Patty & Jack said...

OMG! ha-ha