Things I Dislike

1. When you get to the gym and realize you forgot shorts.
2. When there are 19 open stalls in the bathroom, and someone sits down in the stall next to you. It is poor bathroom etiquette. I do not like to pee in proximity to anyone else.
3. When someone tries to strike up a conversation when you are peeing. It is just weird. It's probably good I am not a boy because I think they talk to each other all the time at the urinals. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.
4. When you get food to go, get all the way home, and they screwed up your order.
5. The smell of oyster stuffing [gag]
6. When my dog rolls in geese poop at the park


Anonymous said...

I promise no more seafood when you are around. Not unless Luke really wants some. I love to spoil him. Love ya. Mom

Ashley Marie said...

You sound like a cranky prego woman...ugh