28th Birthday

This was my best bday ever! I woke up, ran a solid 4 miler that felt great (first one the felt good in a while!) and then we went to watch our baby on ultrasound for an hour. I got my hair cut & colored (blonde, for the new year) and then we went on the Portland Spirit dinner cruise. Yum. Good food- and the christmas boats were out. For my birthday luke was charged w/getting me something "thoughtful and sweet," which I request every year. Well this year he delivered! He wrapped my favorite perfume in a piece of yellow lined legal paper. As I unwrapped it I realized the piece of paper was a whole page of things he loves about me. I begged and pleaded, but he will not let me repost the kind things he said. He read them to me out loud, and it was the best most wonderful thing he could have ever given me. What a wonderful man I have found.

Brrr- on the top deck of the boat


Right after the ultrasound as we were waiting to take the tram up to OHSU. Very happy and thankful mom & dad!


Ashley Marie said...

Chris prefers blondes. Hm. This is not looking to be in my favor

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I love the blond hair! Matt used to say he preferred blonds too, but I changed him!

Patty & Jack said...

I love you super blonde. Happy birthday sister!!!

Izzie said...

Happy Belated B-day!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great and happy belated birthday! It's so sweet that Luke decided to list the many qualities he loves about you! It's very romantic!-Jessica