Big Lip

I am obsessing over the ultrasound pictures. It looks like my baby has a giant upper lip area. You know, the part between the nose & the top lip? It seems evident in all the pictures. What if my baby comes out looking like beer-chugging Barney from the simpsons??? I calmed myself with this thought: There is no genetic reason to suspect a giant upper lip. On the way home tonight I was talking to my dad about this, and he started laughing & said, "have you ever seen me without a mustache???" I gasped in horror, and he said, "call your mom & ask her." Great.


Ashley Marie said...

Uh oh. Dad likes beer like Barney does....uh oh.

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I totally freaked out about that too! Go back and look at my ultrasound pics. It must be genetic and these cousins are going to look like sisters! I guess you can check out Savannah before your little girl is born so you can see if it is something to be concerned about! (And start saving for plastic surgery!!)

Patty & Jack said...

oh my gosh kate!