Husband Bashing Story

Is setting up a Christmas tree in your house a marriage threatening experience? It is at my house. Every year. I picked out my tree yesterday, brought it home, and this year to avoid a fight, luke suggested he hold it still & I screw it in. How is that a girl job? Or fair? But I wanted the tree up so I did it. And then the second it was semi-stable he left to go eat pizza with Chris. BOO. I had to decorate alone. Not that he has ever helped before, but usually he’s at least at HOME. I have SUCH fond memories of decorating the tree when I was little. But now that I think about it, I bet my dad was in the other room watching football too. Men. Hmph. This is why I’m having a child- for company when I want to do things like go to the zoo, feed the ducks, decorate a frickin’ tree.

Redeeming Husband Story (with Manipulative Wife Twist)

I also stopped last night to pick up dog food. Without much trouble I hauled the awkward 33 lb sack of kibble 2 blocks to my car. When I got home I asked Luke to bring it in – which he did. I met him at the door & went to take it from him, but he refused given my “delicate condition.” He wouldn’t let me carry it. Nevermind I lugged it from the store to my car, he wouldn’t let me carry it 5 feet to the kitchen. In fact I think he LIKED it. Like whenever I bring him a jar I can’t open and he rips it open & beams at me while handing it back talking about “so strong…what would you do w/o me…such a man…blah blah blah.” This is sweet of him, but it could be the end of him too. He has now affirmed in my mind that the damsel in distress ploy WORKS. I will use this to my advantage. “Oh Luke, the baby is kicking me- will you fold the laundry” “Luke- my back is killing me- will you make dinner?” “Luke, I feel so tired and weak, will you floss my teeth for me?”


Ashley Marie said...

I am so getting pregnant now, I had no clue the excuse actually worked!

Anonymous said...

the hell you are

Anonymous said...

Remember Mitch you are supposed to be smater than the husband. Count this as a lesson learned. Love ya. mom

Patty & Jack said...

Jack gets that smile also when I ask for help with jars.