Let it Snow...

From 2008_12_22

From 2008_12_22

Cutest snow dog ever.

From 2008_12_22

our house in the snow (like this needs a caption)

From 2008_12_22

snow dog fetch- harder than it sounds

From 2008_12_21

Luke- cleaning off his windshield---so we could take our 2 trips to the grocery store that day...out of sheer boredom

From 2008_12_20

how to keep your paws warm
From 2008_12_20

This is what we do when we're snowed in- we put boxers on our dog & then make fun of him

From 2008_12_14

first thing in the morning- not quite awake, so cut us some slack on the beautiful people expectations


Kate said...

1st: You win the cutest house in the snow award. I want to go in and sit by the fireplace or something!
2nd: I like that you put boxers on your dog...I hope they weren't Luke's ONE pair :)

Ashley Marie said...

Rucker is so pretty in the snow!! How does Annie feel about it? I would think she'd be awfully grumpy about it!

Nancy said...

Ok, I'll admit it, Rucker is almost as cute as my dog in the snow...oh, alright fine, cuter!

Ben & Tera said...

LUKE!! That is the best morning face ever.