time machine blog: ugly sweater bday parties

Jack & I had an ugly sweater bday celebration a few weeks ago. Here are pics (my computer was out of commission, so i'm just now getting caught up!)
From 2008_12_13

Ash & Lilly- matching home made tie dye christmas sweatshirts
From 2008_12_13

stephens kids- jack doesn't appreciate having to wear his sweater...but i actually thought it was kind of a nice sweater!

From 2008_12_13

...but he likes sister kisses!
From 2008_12_13

the happy newlyweds
From 2008_12_13

kimberly won the award for best ugly sweater ever- it is a sweater DRESS which has been bedazzled. She paired it with a fashionable purple belt to complete the look.


Kate said...

It looks like you guys had such a blast. I actually kind of like Kimber's sweater though. Personally, I would have opted for shoulder pads!

Nancy said...

Ummm....I think Lily should win the ugliest Christmas sweater. Bad Ashley, for making your sweet dog wear that ugly sweater! Love ya!