26 weeks: obscene

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He didn't do so well on the written exam...

This is my credit card (featuring Rucker). Christina saw it & asked, "Is this Ruckeroo's drivers license???"
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What an Uncle is for...

From 2009_01_24


100 days until my due date!

Today marks 100 days until my baby is DUE. However that does not mean it will be 100 days until my baby is HERE. Babies can be like 2 weeks late. I figure I'll worry about that later. For now my baby is swimming around inside me- about 1.6 pounds. I keep wondering what 1.6 pound LOOKS like, so I googled preemie babies & found the picture below of little Kayleigh Freeman who was born last June weighing only 1 lb! Here is a picture of her at 1 lb 10 oz, about the size of my baby right now. It blows me away to think that such a well formed baby is in my tummy! Kayleigh is now 6 months old and is over 6 lbs. She of course has had lots of health problems, but her story is inspiring, and her parents have amazing faith. Check out their blog at http://kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/


More Savannah!!!

Anita Heihn wins the best grandma award (Sorry Sara!) because she so diligently took & posted lots and lots of Savannah pictures. Here are some of my faves. Also note how many bar bracelets katie has- she must be hitting the clubs after Savannah goes to sleep. Just like katie to not let a baby get in the way of her drinking and dancing :)

PS- I don't have photo proof to post here, but I did see a camera phone pic that indicates Savannah may indeed have the famed middlebrooks talon toe!!!


Another pic of Savannah

Look at that little tongue!!! she is soooo cute!

Savannah Joy Heihn is HERE!!!!!

I am proud to announce the arrival of my niece, Savannah Joy Heihn! Katie did SUCH an amazing job birthing this little baby! She did it totally natural & pushed her out in less than 20 minutes!?!? (i know...SHOW OFF!) Savannah weighs 6 lbs 7 oz and she is 20 inches long with very long little fingers and the hamilton chin and she has katie's dimples! She's got dark hair and Matt's lips and she is doing all the things a new baby should- snuggling her mama & thriving! What a miraculous little thing. Katie said Matt was a champ- very attentive and super supportive- what a guy!

I'm sure Katie will have pics up soon- this was one from her camera phone b/c I was begging....


Xander Lyon- Best Hair EVER

Our cousins had baby Xander on 1/1/09. What a cool birthday! He is so adorable, and Stacey and Joe are the model parents- overjoyed with love...and they still have a sense of humor. Have you seen more hair on a baby? Honestly this is one good looking kid!

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Hard to tell with the annoying flash, but little xander is GRIPPING his dad's finger with his toes. I think he missed out on the talon toe gene (thankfully!)
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Luke is a natural
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Joe is in looove. He is just taken with his little guy!
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24 weeks/6 months?

I cannot figure out how "far" along I am. I am 24 weeks, which if you average 4 wks/month means I'm 6 mos pregnant. But 6 months is half a year and half a year is 26 weeks. So I give up. I know I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and I'm due 5/1. And it is getting harder to bend over.

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Today at 4:33 am luke's cell phone rang from somewhere on the floor. We both woke up, and luke said, "who is calling me at 4:30???" as he fumbled through his clothes looking for the phone. I turned on the light & said - Maybe Katie is in labor!!!

The phone stopped ringing, and as soon as he found it he flipped it open, smiled, and said, "it was Matt." EEK! squeals and smiles, and I ran to go find my phone in case he tried to call me next. We dialed matt right back, but it went straight to voicemail. Luke said, "he's already moving down the list." Then I realized the best part: I PICKED TODAY! You see, if you pick the day the baby is born, the baby will always love you the most. We texted Matt, and turned the light back off...like we could even go to sleep. We prayed a quick prayer for a safe and quick delivery. I tried to get Luke to call his mom or kimberly to get more info. Maybe Savannah was already here? The not knowing was torture.

Then...the text. From Matt. "Sorry, I didn't mean to call you- pressed the wrong button on my phone."

What are the odds. Luckily Savannah has 16 more hours today to show up & still have me be her favorite. Oh who am I kidding? I'll be her favorite regardless.

Way to go, Matt.


23 weeks!

23 weeks- 17 to go!
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Rucker thinks this is going to interfere with his status.
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This was supposed to be the family portrait (w/dog & cat) but no one was paying any attention but me.

The coolest thing lately was on my dad's bday both my mom & dad got to feel the baby kick!!!


New Year's Eve 2009

Oh gosh. New Year's Eve was a wild night. Luke & I were on our way home when we found out some cousins were congregating at chris's to ring in the new year. The girl cousins drank entirely too much & were the most fun entertainment ever!!! Sadly I could not partake- maybe next year!!!!

Next Year's Christmas Card...