More Savannah!!!

Anita Heihn wins the best grandma award (Sorry Sara!) because she so diligently took & posted lots and lots of Savannah pictures. Here are some of my faves. Also note how many bar bracelets katie has- she must be hitting the clubs after Savannah goes to sleep. Just like katie to not let a baby get in the way of her drinking and dancing :)

PS- I don't have photo proof to post here, but I did see a camera phone pic that indicates Savannah may indeed have the famed middlebrooks talon toe!!!


Patty & Jack said...

Way to go Anita!! PICTURES!

Jessica said...

She is so precious!

Anonymous said...

This baby DEFINITELY has the talon toes. On a girl this looks okay (it looks sleek and classy) but a boy, forget it. Mom