Xander Lyon- Best Hair EVER

Our cousins had baby Xander on 1/1/09. What a cool birthday! He is so adorable, and Stacey and Joe are the model parents- overjoyed with love...and they still have a sense of humor. Have you seen more hair on a baby? Honestly this is one good looking kid!

From 2009_01_06

Hard to tell with the annoying flash, but little xander is GRIPPING his dad's finger with his toes. I think he missed out on the talon toe gene (thankfully!)
From 2009_01_06

Luke is a natural
From 2009_01_06

Joe is in looove. He is just taken with his little guy!
From 2009_01_06


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

He is so precious! I want to hold him! I can't wait to see Luke as a daddy!

Jessica said...

What a precious little baby boy! Of course I can not wait for your baby to arrive! Anyway, I'm not sure if you know this but I have 2 blogs. One is called Virtuous Womanhood. You can access both blogs at my website when you read the whole profile. It's in the works, and if you are bored please offer feedback!

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a cutie. I hope yours has as much hair. You, poor thing, lost all of yours quite fast and were bald, it seemed, forever. Seeing Luke brought tears to my eyes. He is going to make such a good daddy! Love mom.