Random Run Ins

It is such a treat to run into someone you love unexpectedly or out of context. It happens rarely, but when it does it makes my entire DAY!
  • Today I was walking Rucker along the waterfront & decided to stop by the fire station, where jack is doing some plumbing work. There are dozens of contractors, and I didn't expect to see him, but I peeked in a window & sure enough there he was! He took a little break and showed me around the site. It was so good to get a brother hug in the middle of the day!
  • Several months ago I was at my sellwood starbucks getting coffee before work, and I felt this warm "paw" on my neck. Quite startled I turned around & there was my DAD!!! He was in the area to check on a job site and was getting his morning coffee too. I am at starbucks MAYBE 5 minutes a day, and my dad works in Beaverton & lives in Wilsonville- so it was such a coincidence to see him there. What a great way to start my day!


Anonymous said...

This is why you should live in Bellingham. I can't go ANYwhere without running into people I know and love. Grocery store? Stopped by 5 people. Favorite pub? At least 3. Starbucks? Forget about it, not out of there in less than 15 minutes, EVER! Yesterday Rick and I were at Costco and while in line, I said, can you believe we didn't see anyone we knew today? THAT is a rarity here!

Brianna said...

Just thought I'd let you know I started a blog to keep track of my progress on training for the Danskin triathlon. :) http://briannatriathlon.blogspot.com/

Jessica said...

I was told that your baby shower is going to be on April 4th. What are some things that you want? Are there items that you need? Do you have a baby gift registry?