Thomas: You Never Know What To Expect

Luke took our nephew Thomas (6) to a Blazer game a few nights ago. Thomas was PUMPED. On the car ride there...

Thomas: Why did the alligator cross the road?

Luke: Why?

Thomas: So his baby wouldn't get eaten! AH HA HA

Luke: Nice, did you make that one up?

Thomas: Yes. I make up ALL my own jokes.

Thomas: Wanna know why you're lucky?

Luke: Why?

Thomas: Because you're having a baby and you live close to McDonalds so you won't have to drive very far when you take your kid to play there.

At the game...

The blazer dancers came out and Luke said Thomas was totally enthralled by them. When the dance was over he turned to luke, raised his hand, and said, "HIGH FIVE FOR THAT!!!"

He is such a good little man, and he never ceases to surprise us!
From 2009_02_18


Ben & Tera said...

Thomas! wow, what a little stud. those jokes made me laugh. And luke is the best uncle ever. REally he is.

Patty & Jack said...

Gosh I love that kid!