What my baby will not be named...

We are not sharing our baby names. Well, the girl baby name may have leaked, but we have otherwise kept it a secret. So to clear things up, I will say what my baby is not going to be named, contrary to popular belief....

1. Myukie (the combination of our names)
2. Luke Jr. We have enough luke to go around as it is, thank you.
3. Hannah (this one is a name I love, and my bff's name, but not the name of our baby- but we did throw it out as a decoy to throw Katie off track)
4. Salannah (as in rhymes with Savannah, baby's cousin and Katie's child)
5. Bess, which was very high on my list, but Katie choked on pizza when I told her the name & then pointed out she is the fat girl in nancy drew (thanks) and it also happens to be the name of my uncle's yellow lab. And luke doesn't like it, so it is off the list.
6. BERTHA. My child is NOT going to be named bertha, but my family only refers to it as Baby Bertha.
7. Elway, despite moderate amounts of begging and bargaining from luke.

Herbivore Teeth

Things that I cannot deal with today....

1. To protect the guilty...let's just make this one hypothetical: Hypothetically my husband has the day off (he worked 19 hrs yesterday). He plays poker mid-day and parks in his normal spot, which is a 1 hr limit. Let's just say he does so well in the tournament he MISSES OUR 4:10 BABY APPT. Then let's just say he incurred TWO SEPARATE PARKING TICKETS FROM TWO SEPARATE COPS TOTALLING $100. Let's just say he won more than that playing poker but refuses to pay for the tickets out of his poker fund (which he saves for our future, which is nice in theory, but right now our PRESENT is more expensive than our FUTURE). AHHHHHHHHH. Hypothetically I could not deal with this.

2. We are on 205 and there is a mini van in front of us swerving between 3 lanes erratically. We call 911 and give them the plates, make, model etc. The Oregon State Police ask for my name and phone number. I am trying to listen to the officer and luke is pestering me loudly in the background to "ASK IF HE'LL CALL US BACK AND LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENS." I cannot deal with this.

3. We are at home depot. I need 8" tall by 1/2" wide trim. They have 8"x1" and 8"x11/16". Do you think they have 8x1/2? No. I am maxed out.

4. In line at home depot (I settled for the 1" b/c I'm in a screw it kinda mood at this point) the guy in front of me, like 1 foot away, suddenly has a reptilian TAIL COMING OUT OF HIS JACKET. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU. I nearly fainted. He had a PYTHON wrapped around his neck. A phrase I've been wanting to use applies well here: WTF!?!?!? Who takes a PYTHON to home depot- or anywhere???

5. Our final stop is walmart to buy baby-safe laundry detergent (and a loofah for luke, at his request- I am not kidding- he likes to loofah!). As I'm carefully climbing out of his truck (which takes some extra time in my delicate state) he asks, "Do you have herbivore teeth?" Sigh. He's been calling me bovine lately, so he thinks this is very clever. And he's right- I have to walk ahead of him so he doesn't see me laugh. Herbivore teeth. pfft.



Twice today I have tried changing my blog template & deleted my blog roll. I am so annoyed that I think it is best I deal with it later. For now enjoy my plain white blog with no blog roll.

35 weeks, new car, welded metal, copper tree, sisters in my trunk

This is a catch up blog!
1. We bought a new car!!! We got a 2009 Pontiac Vibe. It is super cool and my baby and dog will both fit very well in it!!! No pic b/c it was all rainy today--- but I did get ash & patty to sit in the trunk to show how spacious it is. This is a follow up to ash's trunk post.
From 2009_03_29

2. Here's my 35 week pic with the BABY BERTHA welded hanging sign that Chris (ash's chris) made me! He did it all for baby bertha! - which is what my family has been calling this baby since I won't tell them our names :) THANKS CHRIS- I'm not quite sure what I will do with this sign- maybe I'll just name the kid Bertha and hang the sign on the crib? It could happen!

3. This is the copper tree my dad made me! He is SO talented. The pictures don't do this justice- it is so beautiful. He patina-d (?) the leaves so some have a green tinge and some are copper colored. The ground below the tree is scattered in fallen leaves and branches, and he put felt on the base so it won't scratch up my coffee table! I know he is proud of it, and I know my mom REALLY wants to keep it...and part of me feels like they should have it, but a much bigger part of me says TOO BAD- it is mine. I love it.

5. I had my last birthing class today! Phew! I'm now qualified to have a child.
6. When we bought our car Saturday night the guy came back & asked us if we wanted to know what our credit scores were. Is it tacky to blog your credit scores? who cares. So he tells luke he has 767 and I have 747. I was shocked! I am so much more responsible than he is. Plus we've been married most of our credit-worthy lives so I was surprised. Luke said: Obviously IQ is taken into consideration when calculating credit scores. He & the sales guy had a good chuckle (please). A while later the sales guy comes back & says: Bad news big guy- I had it mixed up- she's got 767 and you're 747. HA! Serves him right. I agree- OBVIOUSLY IQ is taken into consideration when calculating credit scores...
PS- this is what you find on your camera when you have your sis take your baby belly pics...


Better than hoofing it...

Last week we sold my car. We're on the hunt for a really good deal, so we have not purchased a car yet. Believe me- we've looked at plenty, but we haven't found the deal we're holding out for. Thankfully, in the interim, Patty has given me use of her old car- some sort of mid-90's sun-bleached black, 158K, Hyundai. Unfortunately it was broken into so there is no driver's side window- just some plastic to keep out the rain. And there's no radio and no blinkers. My sense of fiscal responsibility takes precedence over my vehicular pride. So I continue to rock this pimped out ride.

Actual Blog Entry:

Q. What do a Hyundai & a BMW Z3 convertible have in common?

A. They are both parked in the remote corner of the parking lot, far from where anyone else parks...but for different reasons


34 weeks!

Two things I expected to accomplish this weekend:
1. Buy a new car
2. Finish the flooring
Two things that did not get accomplished this weekend:
see above
Oh well- we've got 6 weeks to get this all sorted out- which is PLENTY of time - belly pic below.


Why I Love My Sister...

...her facebook status says:
"You know it's been a rough day when you find a cheez-it in your bra."
and YES she did eat it when she found it.


33 weeks

From 2009_03_15


Today was a big day- mom came over & helped me start on the baby's room. She brought me a special gift she's been working on - a honey bee mobile! It is by far the best thing she has ever made out of stained glass (at least that's what I think!).
From 2009_03_15

Here's the crib- I bought all the baby furniture used & sanded it & painted it black. It was a little extra work but we saved lots of $, and I think it looks great! No bedding yet, so just use your imagination.
From 2009_03_15

Here's the mobile which is hanging in the corner of the room
From 2009_03_15

Changing table/dresser w/some pics that still need to be hung
From 2009_03_15

Rocker (I got this for $35 and repainted it!!!)
From 2009_03_15

This is a hand hammered copper M that my dad made for me!
From 2009_03_15

This is a close up of the fabric we'll use for the baby quilt.
From 2009_03_15

Now I just need a baby....


Thanks God

Some excellent news in my life....

1. We sold my car yesterday & got full asking price for it- woohoo!!!
2. As of 2.5 wks ago my baby was heads up & midwife said I needed to be careful about eating too much sugar & white starches. At my appt today I hadn't gained any weight and most importantly my baby has flipped into the GO POSITION! My midwife also complimented me on the condition and elasticity of my tummy skin (but I think she tells all the girls that)
3. 12 years ago today Luke & I had our first kiss, who knew I'd marry that guy & bear his children?

50 days!

I just realized that there is exactly 50 days to go until my due date! YIPPEE!!!


My flooring hero- my husband is such a champ. He's got zero experience with saws but he is doing so well (and has not lost any digits or limbs)
From 2009_03_07

Sensei Stephens supervising the saw...
From 2009_03_05

Jack has done this before, so he has been a lifesaver in showing us how this is done!
From 2009_03_05

The destruction that is our house...
From 2009_03_08

Here I am working on the molding. I will tell you that I made luke take this picture (so it is posed) and I cropped out my butt which must have been shot from an odd angle (as it looked uncharacteristically large). But really I did install the molding in the baby's room!
From 2009_03_09


Pregnancy is Lowering My Standards

I am 32 weeks pregnant, and there are some changes that I did not anticipate...

1. Normally, when I drop coins, I pick them up. These days I'm not bending over for less than a dime.
2. Prior to pregnacy I experienced a mild case of bare butt anxiety in the locker room. Like when you're trying to get your unders on & they're backwards or inside out or your foot gets tangled, and the more you try to hurry the more your bare ass is exposed to the poor innocent women in the locker room who don't want to be seeing any of that. These days bare butt is the least of my concerns. I am much more self conscious about the process of putting on my socks & shoes. It is SO hard to do this that my running shoes are in a permanent state of TIED and I just shove my foot in them. In the event I do have to tie a shoe, the bow ends up on the inside which is due to the fact that it is easier to hoist my leg up to the inside vs bending straight down. And putting on my socks makes me out of breath.
3. Rolling over in bed is like a 3 point turn. Well maybe 7 points:
a) mentally prepare to roll
b) check to see if husband is awake (if he pushes or pulls it reduces exertion up to 60%)
c) roll flat on to back; deep breath
d) confirm no ligaments are pulling or cramping
e) let baby settle
f) continue roll to the side, holding belly to avoid "dropping the baby"
g) inevitably decide i have to pee, which requires reversal of steps a-f with bonus step of a hike to the bathroom
4. Packing Tums in my gym bag is second nature. Spicy foods? bring it on. But hop in the pool and somehow I have major heartburn.
5. Instead of being offended, I am amused and mildly flattered when someone says: YOU'RE HUUUUUGE!
6. It used to put me in a foul mood to miss a work out at lunch. Now I have a blanket in the car in the event that a nap sounds more appealing than the elliptical machine come 12:00.
7. Every single smidge of pain or discomfort I feel I compare to what I expect labor will be like. This is especially true if I wake up sore in the middle of the night- I think to myself, if I am having a hard time SLEEPING how will I endure LABOR!?!
8. My husband tells me I look cute when I get home and put on a t shirt and ratty sweats. He used to be an honest man...


8 months pregnant

way more exciting than being 32 wks prego is how much we got done on the new floors since thursday. Dad & Jack gave us a good lesson in laminate, and now our bedroom & the NURSERY are floored. Thanks dad & jack for your help! we love you!

Ok, here's a cute pic from sisters night. we got pedicure & had chevy's, and patty took my 8 month pic & a cute one of annie cat. See patty's blog for the rest of sister night pics :)


Genetic Wish List

I started thinking about my baby's genetic potential when my sis Ash emailed me and said, "I can't wait to see if the baby looks like me!" To this I replied: "You mean you're wondering if this baby will have spock ears, a kickstand pinkie toe, and one leg shorter than the other? Hm. I hope the baby gets your kindness and gentleness…but not your physical genetics thank you very much."
So, God, if you're listening, and it isn't too late, here is what I'm looking for...
***note- the faces & distinguishing features of the family members in the photos below have been blurred or altered to protect their identity.......

Please no kick-stand pinky toe (that doesn't ever touch the ground)

No thanks on the stocky Stephens legs (particularly if this baby is a girl)
But I'd be happy to get the shapely Ellis calves & ankles...

Please no Middlebrooks talon toe. (PLEASE!)

I'll pass on the Stephens hairline...

I'd like thick, full bodied Hamilton hair
the stephens handi-man work ethic...

I'd request the slow-acting Hamilton aging process (the woman pictured below is in her late 40's, but you would not think that by looking at her)

No thanks to the Stephens Spock ear

I'll take the pointy Hamilton chin

...but please no Ellis chin! If you win this genetic jackpot you get another chin for every 10lbs or 10 years (whichever comes first)


31 weeks...9 to go!

This belly is getting a little out of control. It rules my life. Baby is 3.5 lbs now, and it is a little crazy to realize this kid will double in size in the next 9 weeks! things we still have to do before baby arrives....
1. install new floors throughout the house (i'm not kidding- the wood laminate is in & we start this project next week...)
2. paint the baby furniture
3. assemble the nursery
4. pick names
5. sell my car & buy a bigger one

Ok, now i'm stressed. enough of this- I will retrreat back into blissful denial & continue watching cooking shows in my pajamas.

Here's some BIG BELLY PICS!!!
From 2009_02_28

From 2009_02_28