31 weeks...9 to go!

This belly is getting a little out of control. It rules my life. Baby is 3.5 lbs now, and it is a little crazy to realize this kid will double in size in the next 9 weeks! things we still have to do before baby arrives....
1. install new floors throughout the house (i'm not kidding- the wood laminate is in & we start this project next week...)
2. paint the baby furniture
3. assemble the nursery
4. pick names
5. sell my car & buy a bigger one

Ok, now i'm stressed. enough of this- I will retrreat back into blissful denial & continue watching cooking shows in my pajamas.

Here's some BIG BELLY PICS!!!
From 2009_02_28

From 2009_02_28


I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

Wow. Your belly is big! I love it! I wish you could stay preggo forever!!

Remember...you have crafty family who can help you prepare for the baby. Minus the car, I can't buy it for you.

Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your belly. You look so cute!!! Love ya, mom

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

It is about time you posted this shot!!! I get sad without being able to see it...stay up to date! Your tummy is adorable and don't stress about getting everything done! I'm sure she won't even need her nursery right when she comes home anyway! AND - I would gladly trade you cars...if you don't mind picking up the stupid payment each month :)

Ben & Tera said...

Baby Belly! awww so cute! I love, that Kate told you not to worry about the baby nursery. Bahahaha! Didn't she have it done when she was like 9 weeks preggo;) I will come help! Please, let me. Let me be your baby slave.

Jessica said...

Well I'll be all tied up this week with moving, but feel free to snatch me anytime afterwards if you need help!

Patty & Jack said...

I love that you have to go to Luke while he is watching football and get him to take your picture.