35 weeks, new car, welded metal, copper tree, sisters in my trunk

This is a catch up blog!
1. We bought a new car!!! We got a 2009 Pontiac Vibe. It is super cool and my baby and dog will both fit very well in it!!! No pic b/c it was all rainy today--- but I did get ash & patty to sit in the trunk to show how spacious it is. This is a follow up to ash's trunk post.
From 2009_03_29

2. Here's my 35 week pic with the BABY BERTHA welded hanging sign that Chris (ash's chris) made me! He did it all for baby bertha! - which is what my family has been calling this baby since I won't tell them our names :) THANKS CHRIS- I'm not quite sure what I will do with this sign- maybe I'll just name the kid Bertha and hang the sign on the crib? It could happen!

3. This is the copper tree my dad made me! He is SO talented. The pictures don't do this justice- it is so beautiful. He patina-d (?) the leaves so some have a green tinge and some are copper colored. The ground below the tree is scattered in fallen leaves and branches, and he put felt on the base so it won't scratch up my coffee table! I know he is proud of it, and I know my mom REALLY wants to keep it...and part of me feels like they should have it, but a much bigger part of me says TOO BAD- it is mine. I love it.

5. I had my last birthing class today! Phew! I'm now qualified to have a child.
6. When we bought our car Saturday night the guy came back & asked us if we wanted to know what our credit scores were. Is it tacky to blog your credit scores? who cares. So he tells luke he has 767 and I have 747. I was shocked! I am so much more responsible than he is. Plus we've been married most of our credit-worthy lives so I was surprised. Luke said: Obviously IQ is taken into consideration when calculating credit scores. He & the sales guy had a good chuckle (please). A while later the sales guy comes back & says: Bad news big guy- I had it mixed up- she's got 767 and you're 747. HA! Serves him right. I agree- OBVIOUSLY IQ is taken into consideration when calculating credit scores...
PS- this is what you find on your camera when you have your sis take your baby belly pics...


Ben & Tera said...

IF YOU STOP TAKE A BLOGGING BREAK WHEN YOU HAVE BERTHA..... I. WILL. DIE! No breaks, you hear me? I will be so out of sorts if I have nothing to look forward to.
1.Your belly is hot, you look adorable, can't wait for your shower.
2.I love the tree, I, along with everyone else, want one.
3.My sis has a vibe, I totally dig it.
4.I think Ashley is super

I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

Clearly I got the looks in the family.

Kate said...

Ok, I was actually really annoyed that you hadn't posted a belly picture. Then just now when I refreshed my blog I realized you had...yesterday. Well, I wish I would have known earlier because I read blogs at 4 am when I am up feeding Savannah. Anyway...I love your belly, you look so so cute! I can't wait for Hannah to make her appearance! AND I didn't know you got a new car! Congratulations, that's a huge thing to check off the list!!!! Lastly...I love the tree. Tell your dad that my name is on the wait list too!

karenstephens said...

As I am reading your blog (cute pics), Katie says the baby's name is "Hannah". What goes?

Patty & Jack said...

Love the tree, Love the car, LOVE BERTHA!!!

Lets hurry up and have this kid!

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