Today was a big day- mom came over & helped me start on the baby's room. She brought me a special gift she's been working on - a honey bee mobile! It is by far the best thing she has ever made out of stained glass (at least that's what I think!).
From 2009_03_15

Here's the crib- I bought all the baby furniture used & sanded it & painted it black. It was a little extra work but we saved lots of $, and I think it looks great! No bedding yet, so just use your imagination.
From 2009_03_15

Here's the mobile which is hanging in the corner of the room
From 2009_03_15

Changing table/dresser w/some pics that still need to be hung
From 2009_03_15

Rocker (I got this for $35 and repainted it!!!)
From 2009_03_15

This is a hand hammered copper M that my dad made for me!
From 2009_03_15

This is a close up of the fabric we'll use for the baby quilt.
From 2009_03_15

Now I just need a baby....


Patty & Jack said...

I love it!!!

Kate said...

I love it!!! It is going to be such a cute nursery. I love love love the mobile your mom made, she is so creative!

I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

Ok, this made me 10 times more excited for baby bertha!!! I love it! and Mom looks way cute in that pic!

K Pitty said...

Really cute, Michelle! I love it and can't wait to see it in person!! :)

Ben & Tera said...

Everything looks so great. You are so creative Michelle!

Jessica said...

I love the baby nursery! It has such a warm vintage feel to it! You defiantly have a knack for creativity, and I love the mobile and pictures!

Kimberly Middlebrooks said...

your family is so crafty!! first with your sisters tree your dad is making and now with the most adorable mobile ever!!
the room looks so fun and your floors look awsome

Aunt Nancy said...

Love the nursery! But I had to laugh at my lovable sister. The black and white striped shirt makes her look like a bee while she holds up the beehive mobile! Sad for me that all the artistic talent was given to others in my family, and passed me up altogether. Love ya!