Better than hoofing it...

Last week we sold my car. We're on the hunt for a really good deal, so we have not purchased a car yet. Believe me- we've looked at plenty, but we haven't found the deal we're holding out for. Thankfully, in the interim, Patty has given me use of her old car- some sort of mid-90's sun-bleached black, 158K, Hyundai. Unfortunately it was broken into so there is no driver's side window- just some plastic to keep out the rain. And there's no radio and no blinkers. My sense of fiscal responsibility takes precedence over my vehicular pride. So I continue to rock this pimped out ride.

Actual Blog Entry:

Q. What do a Hyundai & a BMW Z3 convertible have in common?

A. They are both parked in the remote corner of the parking lot, far from where anyone else parks...but for different reasons


Patty & Jack said...

I'm sad for you. Wanna borrow the Bronco?

Jessica said...

I can imagine that it would be frustrating that you haven't sold the car yet. Just remember....God will provide! I am really looking forward to attending your baby shower!I can't wait to give you my gifts! Well dishes are calling me so bye for now! Take care, and I'll see you next Saturday!