What my baby will not be named...

We are not sharing our baby names. Well, the girl baby name may have leaked, but we have otherwise kept it a secret. So to clear things up, I will say what my baby is not going to be named, contrary to popular belief....

1. Myukie (the combination of our names)
2. Luke Jr. We have enough luke to go around as it is, thank you.
3. Hannah (this one is a name I love, and my bff's name, but not the name of our baby- but we did throw it out as a decoy to throw Katie off track)
4. Salannah (as in rhymes with Savannah, baby's cousin and Katie's child)
5. Bess, which was very high on my list, but Katie choked on pizza when I told her the name & then pointed out she is the fat girl in nancy drew (thanks) and it also happens to be the name of my uncle's yellow lab. And luke doesn't like it, so it is off the list.
6. BERTHA. My child is NOT going to be named bertha, but my family only refers to it as Baby Bertha.
7. Elway, despite moderate amounts of begging and bargaining from luke.


Patty & Jack said...

I'm calling it Bertha forever. Like your dad said "At least someone loved that child enough to give it a name!"

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Haha, I like Patty's comment!

Jessica said...

I am really looking forward to baby Middlebrooks shower on Saturday! I can't wait to give you the gifts I bought for your baby Bertha...LOL! You've been asking for my blog,so I thought I would give it to you.People have been having difficulties accessing it when I place the link on Myspace, but it works just fine. Anyway, here it is:http://virtuouswomenhood.blogspot.com