Labor Schmaber

The fact that I'm blogging will tell you how much I am NOT in pain yet. YET. I suspect I will be annoyed at myself in retrospect for being so glib right now. Anyhow, we woke up this morning and I thought my water may have broken. Then I couldn't get baby to move. So we zipped to the hospital. En route baby started kicking (thankfully!) and at the hospital we got to see him/her on ultrasound. They couldn't conclude for certain if my water had broken, but they checked the amount of fluid around baby & did some tests for infection & all looked good. So they sent me home with instruction to "keep things out of my vagina." Nice.

They like for you to have your baby w/in 24 hrs of water breaking, so she sent me home & told me to have acupuncture & drink some castor oil. Well I've done both and my water has DEFINITELY broken. I took a nice nap and now that I'm up I think I'm having more contractions. They still don't hurt, but they're happening! My guess is this baby arrives at 11 am tomorrow morning. For now here is what I think will be my last belly shot ever...39 weeks and 5 days pregnant....check out that labor hair (it is a rule you don't have to brush it if you're in labor)...


People Who Wake Me Up

I learned from a young age that sleep is to be protected fiercely. If we woke our mom up when we were kids and she was taking a nap....oooh....hell hath no fury... Anyhow, I nap daily these days, and in most cases my cell phone is off or far away and I just ignore the world. So these interruptions are my own fault b/c I had the phone by me, but let me tell you what people in my life call me for:

Friday during nap:
Mom called 1 x. left a vmail.
Ash called 2 x. left TWO vmails.
Ash texted 2 x.
The big deal? Ash bought dog toys for jack & patty who are getting a dog this summer. Worth waking up for? NO.

Saturday before 8 am:
7:00 am: Jerry called to remind me I had to get him some of his money....which I had agreed to do at 9:30. I not so nicely reminded him I would do that as planned...at 9:30!
7:55 am: jack and patty called me to tell me they thought up a good dog name (dutch).
Neither of these things is worth waking up for, MUCH LESS before 8 am on a Saturday.

weddings and babies!

Here's a pic from Friday night of our baby with Harrison, Xander & Savannah- all born since September! Poor Harrison wasn't so much in the mood for having his pic taken.

Also, Ash picked out her WEDDING DRESS SATURDAY! It is beautiful,and she looks so pretty in it, and I cannot post ANY pics otherwise Chris will see and of course it is top secret. So use your imgagination.


Bears & Rats

My Uncle Bart & Aunt Linda got me my teddy bear, Fred, when I was born. I was most attached to Fred as a child- he went everywhere with me. I used to "feed him" bites of my food. Jack knew Fred was my Achilles heel- if he really wanted to make me mad he'd punch fred (what a jerk!) I had fits of hysteria when Fred had to be put in the freezer to kill the head lice I'd given him, and again when my mom gave him to my grandma so she could make him a crocheted outfit (they thought I wouldn't miss him for a few days? WRONG- dad had to go get him back that night!) Fred has had MULTIPLE corrective surgeries- a few to repair a music box that no longer works, and several to sew on new lips because his original mouth was literally kissed off. I remember I brought Fred to school one day & my first grade teacher asked me in that condescending teacher's voice, "does he talk to you?"- I'm sure she was trying to find evidence of some psychological disorder. Interestingly enough Luke asked a similar question (do you think Fred has feelings) years later in a panic as though it had just occurred to him (YEARS into our relationship) that maybe I was crazy. I actually slept with Fred up until the point that we got Rucker (4 yrs ago) and only then stopped b/c it became clear that Rucker might eat Fred, and then what would I do??? So anyhow, in my defense, I KNOW that Fred the ted is an inanimate object- no feelings, no soul, no ability to converse with me. I don't know exactly what it is that makes me love this teddy bear so much, but my only recurring nightmare as a child was that there was a whole line of identical "freds" and I couldn't determine which was the REAL Fred. Also interesting, I've had a few of those dreams about Luke- about being around all these guys that looked like him but unable to tell which was the real Luke. Ok, maybe I am screwed up in the head.

ANYHOW, several months ago Aunt Linda bought our baby his or her first stuffed animal- in hopes this will be his or her "Fred." The twist? It is a rat. About as non-traditional of a baby toy as you can get - but it is the best stuffed animal I've seen so far...next to Fred of course :)



10 days- 38 weeks -FULL TERM!

I have 10 days left til my due date (for whatever that's worth!). I am officially full term, so good to go whenever baby decides to arrive. I am anxious for the baby to come, but not so anxious yet that I'm ready to be in labor. I am a much nicer person now that my house is "in order" and I'm only working 32 hrs/week which allows me a mid-day nap--- something that has GREATLY improved my quality of life! I've got 3 days left of work (WOOHOO) and generally I am a pretty happy camper. We STILL have not agreed on baby names. I still haven't installed the car seat or packed a hospital bag. I wrote a list of things for luke to do & not do while i'm in labor- it ended up being 2 pages long (poor guy...). I'm still working out, if you can even call it that, mostly in the pool or yoga or walks. Sometimes when I get up from sitting I feel like I have to physically HOLD my baby b/c it just feels so heavy. I still feel like this is not really happening...!


My new house

Last night w finished the floors and my house is once again restored to order. Phew. I feel like a new woman!

new floors in the kitchen too...


Baby Moving in my Tummy

CAUTION- we were watching Dane Cook stand up on the comedy channel- so the words you hear in the background are BAD LANGUAGE. I would recommend not listening w/ sound...


Easter & 37 weeks


37 weeks

maternity pics

Just got my disc of the maternity pics- love them all!!!

talking to his baby...



Wow- we have such an amazing network of friends & family who love us & our little baby! Saturday was the baby shower bonanza- lots of people, lots of food, lots of gifts! Here are some pics....
From 2009_04_04

Look at my face & my mom's. Shock and awe...over a baby monitor...

What happens when patty gets hold of your camera...

jack was one of the few boys in attendance


big sisters (aunts)

little sisters ("the aunties") - and naomee had just left so we missed her in the pic

luke's fave gift (thx melissa & david!)

raelee, holly, jessica, & cristina

out of control sisters

jack teaching cousin colby how to drive (and his grandma is my insurance agent...this seems like a poor decision on jack's part...)

sara got my mom kiddy gardening equipment- and what good fortune that it matched her outfit!

seeing stripes- aunt jenny, mom & hannah all in stripes!


Maternity pics slideshow!

Yahoo! My maternity photographer put together a little slideshow of some of the pics taken this weekend!!! Click the link to view...


My Tummy

Today I felt like royalty. Really- We had maternity pics (done by http://stephaniekleinphotography.com/ - she is amazing, check her out) and a baby shower. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed- my living room is literally cram packed full of awesome baby gifts. Stephanie sent me just a few pics to look at, and below is my favorite so far. Ok, more later- I have lots of baby shower pics but I am way more in the mood to play with fun baby gadgets than to blog :)



Today as I was walking to the gym I saw a guy in an SUV reverse out of a spot & crank the wheel too hard so that he SIDESWIPED the car parked next to him!!! He threw it in drive and sped off!!! Luckily I am exceptionally quick witted and remain calm in crisis situations. I wrote down the plate # with eyeliner (all I had with me was my gym bag) and reported the incident to Nike Security. Both & I and another woman were witnesses to this crime. This guy is BUSTED, all because I took a bite out of crime.